Healthy Body Tips For Everyone

Beginners in sports hall often repeat the same widespread error: trying to cause simultaneously burning of fats and deeply to pump over muscles, they limit themselves to calories. Consequences are predicted: once again at a capture of difficult weight in the opinion of the sportsman darkens and it classically falls in a deep faint! To avoid this unpleasant — in aspects of health and reputation moment, let’s argue how much is compatible a diet and employment in a gym.

First of all, it is necessary to be defined what we wait from a diet? Incorrect understanding of this word, the diet is not that other as the balanced diet for the bigger efficiency of training. Set of these concepts will allow burning in regular intervals fats, to pump up muscles and will result from your figure in an ideal condition! In other words, at any influence on muscles by means of power training, it is unimportant — the man you or the woman, whether you drive weight or type, whether are engaged in aerobics or not, it is necessary to keep to a certain diet.

Somatic types
It is important to know to what somatic type you concern! There are three types of people who define, what kinds of training and what food allowance most approach each of them for the achievement of a harmonious, brawny figure.

  • First one. Hardly types muscles, but easily loses fat. The person has thin bones and accurate joints. A waist is naturally narrow. It is thin.
  • The second type. It is not enough hypodermic fat, muscular weight types easily. The waist is indistinct, bones wide, joints thick.
  • The third type. Easily increases both muscles and fat. The press isn’t expressed, a waist not clear, shoulders sloping or narrow.

Define, more all approaches to what type your figure (remember that there are mixed types more often), and familiarize with the basis of the program of training and an accompanying diet for each type!

  • For the first type. To muscular burning – to an indicator of the efficiency of power training — they come in a range of repetitions with number 10-15. But in these conditions of a muscle grow reluctantly, for escalating of weight there are enough 6-8 repetitions. Training intensity should be considerable. Frequent training with a smaller quantity of approaches in a range of repetitions 6-8 is recommended. The diet should be reduced to reception of a stake, chicken each three hours. Carbohydrates should be entered exactly so much not to break receipt in a fiber organism. The use of protein cocktails is obligatory.
  • For the second type. Burning of fat and a simultaneous increase in muscular weight is reached by the alternation of sessions with minimum (2-3) and shocking (15-30 and more!) number of repetitions. In respect of a diet should limit simple carbohydrates and the stated facts, but thus is more often. It is necessary to accept fiber – a stake and the eggs, healthy fats and a complex protein.
  • For the third type. The muscles are great enough, but thus less dense and contain a lot of fat. For this reason, person confidently feels in a zone of a small number of repetitions, quickly typing weight. A harmoniously built diet should combine high-quality fiber – in this case, a steak and fish and healthy fats, limiting the stated fats and carbohydrates.

It is really surprising that today we are living in the world where information makes life easier. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason, people don’t use this power in their life.


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