The Guard Of Seven Lie Countless Weight Loss Lies

1st Weight Loss Lies:  Sex is the best sport

Truth: a passion for the bed movement calories consumed roughly equal to a short walking, because you are not lying down to take the position that is sitting with little movement to the muscle will be. If want to Fitness Effect to maximize the best way is to use standing, lots of use of your legs and buttocks muscles to support the body, however, Eh-hem, after all, is not a specialized fitness time, is not it a bit cart before the horse?

2nd Weight Loss Lies: Lose weight First by chest

Truth: for these words, many girls are not worried about any change other parts of the body when the chest was the first smaller. Say that a good news for you blooming in it: Do not worry the size of the chest, get the reduced fat changes in the first movement.

Abdominal fat, hormones, and enzymes on the most sensitive, in the exercise, the body will automatically first abdominal fat as energy source. Why do lower body is always the last to see the effect? That is because of the accumulation of fat in the hips and thighs, there’s purpose is to give the body energy, when the lack of emergency use, its function as a camels hump, like the body, Therefore, from Physiological Confirmation, is the most difficult for the lower body fat lost, a little patience Oh!

3rd Weight Loss Lies: Overweight people, slow metabolism, weight loss, of course also slow

Truth: The Numbers convince you, not overweight, only 10% of the problems people have metabolic disorders. And even more pleased that the strength and movement time in the same situation, weight Superman, but they will burn more calories. Put on weight? Do not blame your metabolism, a good check is not that tempts you recently had or lazy it!

4th Weight Loss Lies: Exercise in the winter will burn more calories,

Truth: Indeed, in the few minutes you will start cold shiver, the body will be a number of calories consumed can be carried out with the movement, the body will gradually adapt in a few minutes the temperature becomes warm up Then you will not enjoy the low temperature to give the welfare of the.

5th Weight Loss Lies: After the body used to a sport, it will not consume so many calories a

Truth: Unless you reduce the intensity or shorter exercise time, or calories you consume today and yesterday and last month and as much as last year, you will be doing five or six new round of action after the action is indeed smooth, and also a lot less unnecessary movement, but these actions are probably also accounted for the heat consuming about 2%.

6th Weight Loss Lies: Thermal device shown on the heat consumption is accurate

Truth: Do not trust it so. Some people have to be the newest device off the heat Test,70% were not allowed. New Calorimeter Number of the device and without the test of time, scientific and technical personnel need to continuously improve its quality, on the contrary, the old little heat Calculator Such as cycling and stepping device is now more mature and developed, especially if you put into such factors as age and weight to the future.

7th Weight Loss Lies: To lose fat, exercise heart rate should remain at 60 times/sec

Truth: If you want to consume today, 100 calories, exercise heart jump 60 times per second (the so-called fat burning zone), or 85 What is the relationship? Consumed as long as 100 cards today, is a victory. If the heart rate is 85 times or faster, or you are low-intensity exercise, then you are not the consumption of fat in the body, but fatty acids and blood

Cycle Of fat. Attention should be focused on how to burn calories, but do not worry about where those calories come.

Rose Maria

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