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1.Plan your meals, don’t leave things to chance.

2.Fill up in the morning with fruits and healthy oats.

3.Get your fat on with healthy fats like salmon, mackerel, walnuts or olives.

4.Get more than one hour of exercise a day. If you train for an hour and sit for the rest of the day, this is not really being an active person. Yes, an hour is better than nothing, but try to make time for more. A short walk mid-day. Spend some time doing some kind of activity with your children or go bowling with friends.

5.Accept the fact that if you are just starting a new nutrition plan, you are going to experience some hunger.

6.You should not always be hungry, but chances are you will experience some night hunger. If you just can’t stand it, have some frozen fruit and non-fat yogurt.

7.Do not eat 3 hours before going to bed. You don’t need the fuel because your body will be slowing down for the night.

8.Find out what you are getting from foods when you eat when you aren’t hunger. Then find some other fun activity to fill that void.

9.Get some form of exercise every day. Even if it is your ‘off’ day from exercise stay active.

10.Have proper training shoes. If you are going to run trails, your indoor aerobic shoes won’t cut it.

11.Protect your head from the heat. As we head into summer and start enjoying the great outdoors, make sure you have your head covered on those really hot days.

12.Create your own fitness rotation. Decide what your goal for the next 30 days will be and design an exercise plan to help you achieve this.

13.Enjoy healthy, unaltered nuts every day, they make a wonderful afternoon snack.

14.Enjoy beans. They are an incredibly healthy and filling food. You can enjoy them in soups, salads, or as the main dish.

15.Clean out your pantry. That cake mix that has been there for 8 years, donate it to a good bank, a school or toss it.

16.Enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables.

17.Support your community by shopping at your local farmers market.

18.Start every single day with a healthy breakfast.

19.Eat at your scheduled time, don’t skip meals as this sets you up for binge eating later.

20.Don’t panic when your scale doesn’t move or when it actually goes up. Pull out the tape measure and see
where you have lost inches.

21.It really is alright to go to bed hungry.

22.Ladies purchase some sexy lingerie.

23.If you have a very large appetite, enjoy an apple a few minutes before your meal.

24.Enjoy natural nut butter. Don’t tell like you just have to stick with peanut butter, try almond butter, cashew butter or my favorite sunflower seed butter.

25.Find ways to manage stress; meditation, yoga, a short walk in the fresh air.

26.If you enjoy training outdoors, take your workouts with you. Get a fitness app or subscribe to Gaiam TV and you will always have a training buddy on hand.

27.If you are at a weight loss plateau shake up your workout. Try adding two days of interval training to the mix.

28.Hold the Mayo.

29.Get your five a day. Ward off aging and Alzheimer’s, stroke and heart disease by enjoying at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

30.If you find that you just can’t break away from your TV, treat yourself to a treadmill and walk while you watch.

31.Forget about diet, make lifestyle changes instead because starving doesn’t work but healthy habits do!

32.Give the veggie pasta a try. It is absolutely fabulous.

33.If you have been inactive for years, consult with your physician before beginning a training program.

34.If you have issues with eating when not hungry, try eating 6 small meals ever 3 hours instead of 3 big meals. Eating less more often will stabilize your blood sugar, keep cravings at bay and give you stable energy throughout your day.

35.Basic smoothie recipe (always have these items on hand) a banana, frozen berries, non-fat milk, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of psyllium seed husks.

36.If you love sandwiches, make sure you load them with crisp vegetables to add flavor, nutrients, and crunch to your meal.

37.Do formal structured training sessions 3-5 times a week for 30-60 minutes.

38.Do not train on days when you feel pain or discomfort from previous training sessions. If you are feeling a little under the weather, do a light workout like a nice stroll outside.

39.Skip the fast food. Scientists from the University of Toronto discovered that the chemicals used to treat junk food wrappers, fast food wrappers and microwave popcorn bags are being transferred to the food inside contaminating the food these wrappers and bags are supposed to protect.

40.If you love deep fried foods, give yourself a break and try something new. Try pan frying in healthy olive or grape seed oils. Better yet, try roasting, poaching, braising or boiling.

41.Keep a photo of yourself with you at all times. Not to shame you, but to remind you of why you have decided to make these lifestyle changes.

42. Increase the intensity and duration of your workouts slowly.

43.Yoga has so much more to offer than just stretching and toning, try a Kundalini class

44.Fresh herbs can add some real zing to otherwise boring meals. Try growing your own herbs in your kitchen.

45.Indulge in dark chocolate. It has healthy antioxidants and it is sinfully delicious.

46.Think of your training sessions as your own personal Happy Hour.

47.Enjoy your time at the ballpark but chose your food carefully. The great smells, the excitement of the game and being with family and friends in a party atmosphere can make it seem like those 1300 calorie nachos and that 2100 calorie oversized Philly steak sandwich don’t matter but believe me, they do.

48.Never hit the grocery store hungry and always work from a list.

49.Respect the fact that you are full and stop eating.

50.You don’t need a dessert every night

51.Take time out. Try not to obsess over your health and fitness goals. After a few weeks, exercise and healthy nutrition will just be two new habits you have added to your life.

52.Have boiled eggs on hand at all time. Eggs are healthy and filling and can power you through workouts. I eat one before my evening martial arts class.

Rose Maria

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