How to Get Rid of Moles

How to Get Rid of Moles? Is this question on your mind always? Have an ugly and hideous mole, that’s marring your flawless looking skin? Want to know how to get rid of moles? Read on further for better knowledge before you take …

Don’t freak out when there is an odd dark spot can be seen on your skin, it’s all likelihood that it could just be a mole. For your feeling better and knowledge, studies have reported that most people have almost of fifty moles on their body’s skin.

Not every mole is ugly some even look flattering, especially the speck or spot which is called a ‘beauty spots’ on your face at below your lower lip, but some are just so damn downright ugly.

Moles can be of black, brown, red, blue and some which are of flesh colored. The color of skin, as well as mole, is determined by the amount of melanin present in them. Explaining in a medical terms single mole is known as nevus and several moles on the skin are known as nevi. Moles occur in skin’s cells which are known as melanocytes, that is cells responsible for melanin. Moles are those skin cells, which have formed clusters instead of spreading through the skin.

Moles that have to occur normally have certain characteristics:
  • Such moles are normally in color of pink or brown, or black.
  • Normal moles shapes is either round or oval
  • Moles sizes could be varied that is from tiny dots to it could be large.
  • Mostly these moles are flat or at times slightly raised which is like a bump.
  • Moles often have hair and yet some don’t.

But there are moles which are not normal are known as dysplastic nevi. These are called abnormal not because of their structure or also because of their appearance. Rather these moles which are signs and symptoms of a skin cancer disease which are called melanoma and there is a statistical study which proves that one in every ten people has been diagnosed with dysplastic mole. It has also been proven that people with dysplastic moles have increased the risk of developing the melanoma.

Dysplastic Nevi have some characteristics, these are:
How to Get Rid of Moles?

Well in both the cases of moles being normal moles and if they are Dysplastic Nevi, it’s recommended that the moles be removed and even for cosmetic reasons the moles are removed. There are certain procedures available for getting rid of moles.

  • Surgery
    this method of mole removal is only done by a surgeon who can remove the mole with using of a scalpel and then he stitches the open wound. In this method, it could be painful and medications like painkillers are given and may even lead to scarring.
  • Electrosurgery
    Again done by a surgeon, by shaving off the mole by a scalpel and then destroying the melanin forming tissues with using an electric needle. This procedure also leaves some scarring.
  • Cryosurgery
    A surgery in which the surgeon uses a form of liquid nitrogen to destroy the tissues.
  • Laser surgery
    this form of surgery for removal of moles is fast gaining in popularity as it is least painful as good results in minimal scarring. In this method, a surgeon uses a special laser for destroying mole tissue.
  • Acids
    hey, it doesn’t mean you are pouring acid on it; it refers to the cosmetic creams instead of any surgery. In this method use of medicated creams with certain acids in it for getting rid of mole and destroying the tissue. This procedure though takes up to six weeks for being effective.
  • Herbal
    the procedure involves applying of BIO-T on the mole and then covers it up with a band-aid. After a week or so after continuous applications, the mole gets dried up and can be destroyed. Scarring in this is minimum, thank it to creams that are applied after the mole is destroyed.

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