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The Predicament of Thinning Hair

Men, A thinning crown or receding hairline is the most common pattern of hair loss. Hair loss occurs due to the presence of a derivative or by-product of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone can shrink the hair follicles and has a greater effect in the mid-anterior scalp and temples. Some types of male hair loss are:

  • Acute diffuse alopecia occurs from physical or psychological factors such as hormones, nutritional deficiencies or medications.
  • Chronic Diffuse Alopecia can occur due to nutritional, metabolic or endocrine issues.
  • Androgenetic Alopecia occurs due to genetic sensitivity to male hormones.

This rarely affects women.

Women, Hormonal fluctuations, ie during pregnancy, childbirth or use of some methods of contraception can result in hair thinning and loss. Also experienced by females: Traction alopecia this is caused by harsh hairstyles, for example, ponytails that are pulled too tight, cornrows, braiding or too frequent use of hair extensions. These actions pull at your hair over time but the loss can be helped if recognized and dealt with early on. Anagen effluvium this is due to chemotherapy. The matrix of the hair becomes broken and results in the hair shaft narrowing, eventually splintering.

You can minimize or even stop hair thinning or loss, if you identify the symptoms early enough, by using a variety of pharmacy or store treatments such as:

  • A weekly use, leave-in scalp treatment made with essential oils such as lavender and orange will relax and unblock hair follicles to promote growth, regulate oil production and maintain cell repair.
  • Daily vitamin supplement look for ones labeled especially for hair and/or nails and are fortified with Vitamin B3 (niacin), this protects the hair shaft, and antioxidants, to ward off damage from free radicals.
  • Use a hair shampoo that has energizing/revitalizing/fortifying/ on the label. This type of hair shampoo will feed and protect your existing hair whilst eliminating oils that can block the follicles and prevent re-growth. Allow approximately 6-8 weeks before expecting to see any firm results. Like any treatment, results can vary and may to need to be used on a prolonged basis.

Methods to disguise thinning hair and hair loss: Perhaps it is time to think of some techniques to hide your hair loss if you are unhappy with your thinning hair. Whether you are a man or a woman losing hair due to heredity, stress, medication or a medical condition you can use these tips to help you cope.

Use a Specific Thickening Shampoo or Conditioner for your Hair Using a specific hair thickening shampoo and/or conditioner that is intended to conceal hair loss by ensuring the hair appears to be thicker and more voluminous. After shampooing and conditioning make sure that you brush your hair gently to halt the loss of more hair. Before combing or brushing your hair permit it to dry thoroughly.

Hair Styling Methods for Thicker Looking Hair Here are a few methods and styling products that can be used, if your head of hair is not as thick as it once was, to keep your hair looking its best. Blow drying thin hair for a fuller appearance. For thinning hair, try blow drying your hair after you have washed and conditioned it and then comb your hair in front all the way back. Use a light hairspray or a mousse to keep your style in place. The blow drying will prevent your hair from matting and make it appear thicker than it is. Opt for hair texturizing lotions and creams that will provide you with abundance and volume. Use a leave-in hair conditioner as they can make your hair appear fuller and more textured. Pass up on hair gels as they matter your hair together and exaggerate your hair loss.

Add Extensions to your Hair Extensions are an easy way for women and men with long thick hair to hide the fact that they are losing some. Use a salon for getting natural human hair added to your hair. This can last for several weeks to several months.

Blow-dry your Hair Consider blow drying if your hair is thinning on top to give it added texture and body and to give your head more coverage. Brush it into a quiff on top of your head by brushing it from the forehead up. Maintain the style with a little hairspray. If your hair is thinning throughout, this is a good way to make your hair look fuller.

Chaps -Getting a Buzz from your Hair The buzz cut is a way to disguise the fact that you are losing hair. Businessmen, sports stars and actors all use this as a classy, style that is easy to maintain. Groom your scalp daily and remove the hairs you have left for a clean, fresh look by using a wet-dry electric razor. If you’re disturbed about your hair loss or if your hair is starting to thin, make an appointment with your hairdresser or barber and request some advice on a fresh, new look. There are plenty of hairstyles to choose from that have you looking great.

Health-Beauty Products Something You May Not Know

Most women, especially health-conscious women, keep olive oil in their kitchen. This oil is widely considered to be the healthiest oil for cooking with because of its low saturated fat content. But what women often are not aware of is that olive oil can also be used to cheaply and effectively take care of their skin. When women do not have any money in their pocket, they have a tendency to get depressed.

You can find beauty products advertised on TV, in newspapers and even in markets where you can see rows of beauty products by a multitude of companies who try to lure the customers with the assurance of beauty lasting forever. It was once supposed to be the terrain of women only and men were not really a part of it.

When a woman does not feel beautiful, they feel down. Well, girls, it is time for you to perk up. Why? Well, you see, we have something in store for you. We have something that will put a big smile on your pretty face.

The assortment of products for both men and women can be seen everywhere. As we write this article on beauty products, we would like to tell you a bit of information about these products and you might just learn something that you never knew.

We can see that these days there are a lot of beauty products available but hardly any of them has natural ingredients present in them. The ones that have natural ingredients are too expensive for people to use regularly.

Some people apply it directly to areas of their body such as the bottom of their feet, their elbows, or their knees. Other people add it to a hot bath to add extra moisture and softness to their skin.

Olive oil, when mixed with brown sugar, can be used to help remove dead skin cells. A paste made out of two parts brown sugar to one part olive oil can be applied to one’s skin before a shower in order to accomplish this important skin care task.

The good part about this is that the internet and media revolution has brought forth a large number of cheaply available resources in the form of websites, books, and magazines.

The good thing about these natural beauty products is that you can find them in the house since they are used in daily life for food purposes.

What you need is a good site with an author who is well known in the field of natural beauty treatments. Most of the information on these websites is free and the ingredients mentioned are household items which are obviously not expensive. Such as lemon, honey, oatmeal, fruits with which you can make masks for your skin type etc.

However, it is equally important to put these nutrients on our body. Skin care is more important than most women realize; improper care leads to infections, and poor skin health can be symptomatic of serious diseases like diabetes. Fortunately, proper skin care can be achieved using the very same items most women buy to take care of their health needs. Using olive oil every day and a banana once a week should be enough to keep skin as healthy as the rest of one’s body.

The Benefits of Folic Acid for Health

Most of us that are of the female sex and mothers are aware that folic acid, or as it is also known Vitamin B9, Folate, Folacin or Pteroylglutamic acid is important during pregnancy, although it is an essential vitamin for everyone.

Folic acid was named after the Latin word folium meaning leaf, as scientists first isolated it from green leafy vegetables, and in the 1930s was identified in helping to prevent low blood cell levels anemia. Natural foods that contain folic acid include citrus fruits, strawberries, leafy green vegetables, dried peas, beans, and nuts. Also, some bread and cereals are enriched with it. So by eating a varied diet of good food for good health, we can all attain a healthy balance of essential vitamins including folic acid.

Folate is a water-soluble vitamin is needed in your diet every day, as the body cannot store it, and is easily attainable by eating a well-balanced diet. The amount of folic acid recommended varies greatly in different countries but generally 0.2mcg 200 micrograms for an adult, increasing to 400 mcg for pregnant women or women thinking of having a baby. Folate acid is destroyed or greatly reduced in overcooked foods, so lightly cooked or steamed vegetables are best. A salad is a good option.

  • Sources for folic acid-micrograms per 100 grams /3.5 oz
  • Dark green leafy vegetables120 160 mcg
  • Other vegetables40 100 mcg
  • Beans legumes50 300 mcg
  • Breakfast cereals 100 400 mcg
  • Whole grains60 120 mcg
  • A medium orange has 45 mcg,
  • Large jacket potato 39 mcg,
  • 10 brussels sprouts 115 mcg,
  • 4 spears asparagus boiled
    or steamed 88 mcg
  • 2 spears steamed broccoli 61 mcg,
  • 1oz / 25gwheat germ 100 mcg,
  • 7 tablespoons bran flakes 113 mcg,

One of the folates most important functions is that it works in conjunction with vitamin B12 and together form healthy red blood cells. Signs of folate-deficiency anemia have symptoms very similar to iron deficiency anemia and leave you feeling fatigued and weak. A lack of folate can also leave you edgy and grumpy.

Scientists agree that folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects serious birth defects, and say that all women of childbearing age should take it and not just whilst pregnant, as this is often too late to prevent these defects. Spina bifida and anencephaly are among the most serious defects that folic acid can prevent and reduce the risk by up to 70 percent. Anencephaly is a condition resulting from the baby’s brain not developing properly and most or all of the brain tissue is missing, this can often cause stillbirth or death soon after delivery.

Spina bifida occurs when the spinal column of the fetus does not close, this should happen during the first few weeks of pregnancy to protect the spinal cord, resulting in neurological problems and or other deformities.

Studies carried out in the 1960s and 1970s between folic acid and cancer connections found that cells from the cervix in women with folate deficiency looked similar to cervix cells showing early signs of cancer, and so suspected a link.

Later by the 1990s studies found that people were more likely to develop certain cancers when lower blood levels of folic acid were present, such as colorectal and cervical.

It is not exactly clear how folic acid might affect cancer, but it is needed to help cells make and repair DNA when they divide creating new cells, also it is thought to be involved in how cells are able to tune certain genes on and off. Scientists think that low levels can amount to changes in chemicals that affect DNA, maybe altering how well cells community trust credit union can repair or divide without making mistakes, which might lead to cancer. There is promising evidence but not conclusive that folic acid can help prevent cancer, and that it may also depend on when it is taken. Some researchers are concerned that this may be harmful in people that have pre-cancerous conditions or who already have cancer.

Recently folic acid is also thought to help stave off dementia in the elderly as doctors found those with low levels of folate in the blood face triple the risk of Alzheimer’s developing. People who had high levels were found to have the least risk of mental deterioration. Higher blood folate levels also suggest it may well ward off strokes and heart disease, and has been shown to reduce levels of an amino acid homocysteine, as high levels of this have been linked to Alzheimer’s.

So for the elderly, it is important that they eat a diet that is folate-rich or takes supplements. The safe upper level of folic acid is 1,000 micrograms.

A well-balanced varied diet of good food good health is essential for all of us and improves our immune system, which affects our well-being, at any age and all stages of our lives.

Antioxidants In Elderflower Drinks Are Great For You.

The elderflower has been well known through the centuries for its high vitamin C content, antioxidant and healing properties, and because of this is today one of the top selling natural summer cordials.

Drinking a glass of cordial daily is very refreshing and will help to improve your health, and it is not just the flowers that are good for you but also the berries when made into wine have equal beneficial properties.

We are all well aware now just how important antioxidants and vitamin C are, and I do not mean only the ladies thinking about their skin and premature aging, but then maybe that is why through the ages women have always made and drank elderflower cordials and tea ritually, and is a staple product of the Women’s Institute along with jams.

Antioxidants are needed to help reduce the production of free radicals (highly reactive and unstable molecules which contain atoms with unpaired electrons) in the body, high-fat diets attribute to free radicals, but they are also produced naturally and especially in people who exercise heavily, attacking cells leading to long term damage and a higher risk of cancer.

Studies have shown that taking antioxidants such as vitamin C before eating high-fat foods, reduces the damage greatly to the arteries.

The elderflower is well in bloom now and can be found in most hedgerows and roadsides, scrubland and gardens alike, and to many gardeners is a nuisance as it grows almost anywhere in a very short time to a considerable size.

The elder has acquired the nickname of Natures Medicine Chest, as its healing properties have been used for a very wide and varied range of problems from Rheumatism, hay fever, coughs and colds, asthma and influenza.

The elderflower is only in bloom for about six weeks, from the end of May to the beginning of July, but it is best picked now while the flowers are fresh and white and before they turn creamy brown.

The recipe to make 1.5 liters of Elderflower cordial is below, which you dilute to taste, is easy and inexpensive and is great served with fizzy water and ice. Perfect for the summer.

Ingredients you need 20 heads of elderflower, 1.8kg granulated sugar, 1.2 liters of water, 2 lemons and 75g citric acid.

Preparation time takes 20 minutes, plus overnight infusing and 5 minutes cooking. Shake the flowers to expel any insects and place in large bowl. Put sugar in a pan with water and bring to boil, stirring until sugar has dissolved. Pare zest off lemons in wide strips and place in a bowl with elderflowers. Slice lemons discarding ends and add slices to bowl. Pour over boiling syrup and stir in citric acid. Cover with a cloth and leave for 24 hours at room temperature. The next day strains cordial through a muslin (or a new boil washed J cloth or similar) and pours into a thoroughly cleaned plastic or glass bottles with screw on lids, and that is it.

The elder is also used as a natural garden insecticide, by crushing up and bruising the foul-smelling leaves you can leave them around young plants to deter aphids and caterpillars. Obviously, as they dry out and the smell disappears they need to be replaced.

Farmers used to hang bunches of elderflower above their horses before insecticides were used to rid flies, and dairy farmers used it as they thought it had properties to stop the milk from turning sour. People used to wear a small spring to keep midges away.The elder has been closely entwined with pagans through the years to summon spirits, with twigs woven into head-dresses to enable the wearer to see spirits and undo evil spells! The mind boggles. community trust credit union

On the Isle of Man, every cottage has an elder growing outside its front door to ward off witches even to this day. In other parts of the country, people would never burn elder wood as it was said a member of the family would die.It was truly a revered plant.

The great thing about elderflower is that it tastes delicious, is highly refreshing and a good provider of vitamin C an antioxidant, so why not try making your own or buy a good reputable manufactured cordial and start getting the benefits for good health now.

The Healing Power of Honey

Hi Everyone

Did you know lurking at the back of your kitchen cupboard you probably have a jar of honey that good old grandma gave you and has never seen the light of day?

Well if you have children and they have coughs, colds or sore throats, honey is great for helping to alleviate the problem.

As we always say you are what you eat and that good food good health is the basis for a healthy life and healthy outlook on life. By adding honey to your diet is definitely a step in the right direction.

For centuries the healing power of honey has been legendary, and new research finds that it truly is a miracle of nature.

This golden sticky liquid made from nectar by bees is full of antioxidants that are great for us, and also antimicrobial agents that help to fight infection.

So now you can see why it is time to add this golden nectar to your regular shopping list, as its uses are endless and are the healthiest way to s community trust credit union western your diet, being completely natural and not refined or processed like other sweeteners.

Honey was used abundantly in ancient times, especially being spread on wounds to stop an infection, prevent gangrene and improve recovery, and therefore was an important item on the battlefield a forerunner to antiseptic cream today.

My grandparents swore by a mixture of honey, a dash of vinegar or lemon and a little boiling water mixed together as a remedy for coughs and colds. I remember taking this many times, and especially just before bed it really did help. It was great for sore throats too.

Recent research carried out has shown that it easily outperforms a pharmaceutical cough suppressant that is widely used in many of the popular children’s medicines on sale today.

The key active ingredient in many over the counter cough mixtures is Dextromethorphan or (DM), and is even used in flavored syrups as well, but was found not to work as well as a spoonful of ordinary buckwheat honey given before bedtime.

They found Honey did a better job of reducing and soothing the frequency, severity and bothersome nature of coughs and colds, thus giving a positive effect on the child and parent by enabling a better quality of sleep.

During the tests, DM made no appreciable difference to symptoms compared when offering no treatment at all, unlike honey.

Researchers at the Penn State College of Medicine in Pennsylvania said Our study adds to the growing literature questioning the use of DM in children, but it also offers a legitimate and safe alternative for physicians and parents.

Recently in the United States, there have been deaths in young children linked to over a counter cough and cold remedies, and it was disclosed that they have been found to cause serious side effects in children under the age of two.

Some of the same ingredients used in the American remedies are also included in some British brands as well including some of the most popular, but if taken at the correct amount and intervals have been deemed safe.

Therefore if we can use honey, with it being completely natural must be a plus and with its great flavor should be easier to administer to our little ones.

The researchers also suggested that parents that regularly bought expensive cough medicines might be wasting their money.

As always, medical assistance should be sought with persistent coughs and colds whether in children or adults and if honey is great for children then it is also excellent for adults as well.

Being able to use a natural substance and knowing there are no additives is a great bonus, when you look at the length of the list of ingredients on some cough remedies it is amazing, especially today when we are trying to be more aware of what we put into our bodies.

So perhaps we should keep honey in the bathroom cabinet as well as the kitchen.


Do Not Forget Good Food Is Good Health

Hi everyone

If you know about beastly little cold viruses that plague us all, you will know that your best line of defense is keeping your immune system in tip-top condition. Not just for fighting colds but for any infection or illness that our body encounters.

Colds are one of the most common reasons we have time off work through the winter period and hospital beds are tied up with cold and flu cases. Colds and flu viruses are the biggest single killer of the elderly over winter.

I really cannot stress how everybody should take our motto good food good health of eating a nutritionally balanced diet to give your body the best fighting chance at beating off viruses and illness.

Although diet is the main factor in keeping your immune system up to scratch, other factors are equally important, I believe sleep is also so very important and that we should all look at our sleep patterns and make sure we get a good seven hours sleep a night. A good night’s sleep increases the release of immune-stimulating hormones.

Stress is another strong factor, as this puts our body under untold pressure. People who have busy lives are generally under great amounts of stress and although all of us actually perform better when under a small amount of pressure, constant high-stress levels are most certainly not good for us.

A lot of people are actually highly stressed because they cannot sleep, and therefore it is a vicious circle for many, this greatly weakens their immune system making it easier for them to be the victim of colds and other ailments, always feeling lethargic and run down.

Our immune system is a highly specialized network of cells and organs working together, protecting us from bacterial and viral infections.

Obviously, during the winter period our bodies are much more susceptible to viruses especially colds and flu, so to help maintain a healthy immune system we need to make sure we are eating a nutritionally balanced diet rich in minerals and vitamins that are vital for this.

So good food good health really is the key. I know that during the winter months our diets alter but we still really do need to eat the five portions of different fruit and vegetables a day.

There are plenty of cheap vegetables at this time of the year and dried fruit counts just the same as fresh, also frozen fruit and veg are equally good, even some tinned fruit and vegetables count as well, as does a serving of fruit juice. There are also some very good vegetable drinks available now.

Another steadfast recipe of my dear old Nan is chicken soup or broth. Home made is best of course but even tinned is excellent and it is a proven fact that it helps to combat colds, flu, and chills.

Eating a healthy diet does not have to be expensive if you try to use seasonal fruit and vegetables, and farm shops and markets give excellent value for money.

Relaxation is important to keep stress levels under control, and laughing is known to reduce stress hormones and increase the immune system’s activity. So taking a little time out of your busy schedule will only benefit you, even if it is only putting your feet up for half an hour and watching a good comedy, chasing the children around the garden or park, anything that makes you feel good.

The exercise carried out in moderation regularly is beneficial for the immune system, reducing the risk of common infections and also help protect us from serious diseases too such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer.

30 minutes a day of moderate-intensity five days a week is thought to be the recommended exercise regime, and the 30 minutes does not have to be carried out all at the same time, it can be broken down into smaller periods to work into your schedule.

Wrapping up warm may help to keep colds at bay even though colds are caused by viruses and not by chilly weather. But being chilly makes blood vessels constrict, especially in the nose inhibiting immune response and making it more likely that viruses can take hold. So perhaps our parents and grandparents were right in telling us to dress sensibly after all!

The main vitamins and minerals we need for a healthy immune system are vitamin B6, C, D, E and copper, selenium and zinc. Although it is best to get these through a varied diet many of us would benefit from taking supplements through the winter periods, there are many reputable supplements and suppliers that can be taken to enhance and top up your diet.

  • Vitamin B6 is found in vegetables, whole cereals, bread, milk, pork, chicken, and cod. It is available in the supplement on its own or in a vitamin B complex.
  • Vitamin C is found in fruit and vegetables especially oranges, kiwis, peppers, broccoli, and yams, and is available in supplements and tonics.
  • Vitamin D is found in oily fish and eggs. Is formed in the body when skin is exposed to sunlight and readily available in supplement form.
  • Vitamin E is found in nuts, seeds, wheat germ and plant oils such as soya, rape, and corn. Available in supplement form.

So just take a look at your usual diet and see if there are any of the above requirements missing, and if so add these into your meals and get the natural benefits of good food good health.

Making meal times fun is a great way of getting children to eat vegetables they like and to add new ones to their diets, be a little imaginary when serving up. community trust credit union

For Children, many of the cereals that are now targeted at them often do have added vitamins, but I believe it still is best for whole grain cereals and plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, and dairy products.

I am a strong believer in the power of garlic and have long taken it in a supplement form to help my body fight colds. Many countries have used it not only in cooking, but some believe rubbing it on the soles of their feet helps too! not one I feel inclined to try. Garlic is also a strong natural antiseptic.

Do not forget good food is good health

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil Diet

The health benefits of coconut oil list keep growing as researchers discover new ways that healthy fats improve our body’s function. The old ideas of how fats are bad are changing.

On this article, I will go over the main benefits of coconut oil and then explain why and how this highly saturated fat oil can be so healthy.


Including coconut oil in your diet is an excellent way to help keep our heart and circulatory system healthy. Most people when they think of coconut oil in its hard, white state are reminded of plaque forming as cholesterol on their artery walls!

Well, this is impossible, as coconut oil becomes a liquid at 76°F. Also, more and more research is coming out suggesting that dietary saturated fat and cholesterol do not cause these plaques. In fact, it is pretty well known now that you can eat a few eggs a day and it will have no impact on your blood cholesterol levels. But this is a discussion for another article.

Weight Loss

So coconut oil can help prevent heart attacks, and it can also help those trying to lose weight. How is that possible? Coconut oil’s saturated fats increase your metabolism – so you burn more unnecessary fat. The fats in the oil go straight to the liver to be used for energy, not stored as fat as other types of fat are.


The effect on weight loss is largely due to how coconut oil affects the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is responsible for producing hormones that control metabolism. Many people who have an underactive thyroid will be overweight because of this. A great coconut oil benefit is its ability to encourage the correct function of the thyroid and help the body burn more fat.

Hair and Skin

Another one of the benefits of coconut oil is its outstanding use as a hair conditioner. There are many videos online that will show you how to do this, but basically, you just rub it in your hair and scalp and let is sit for an hour or so, and then wash it out. The best benefit is that it is a completely natural product and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals like most hair products do.

You can also use it as a skin lotion to help relieve dry skin and also to help prevent future damage. It does this by protecting against the damage from free radicals, which are a major cause of aging.

Remember that whatever you put on your skin, it will most likely end up in your bloodstream and in your body! This is why it’s a good idea to avoid chemicals in the products you use. The Environmental Working Group is a great website that can give you the details of the chemicals in your everyday products.

How is Coconut Oil so Healthy?

It’s true that all the health benefits of coconut oil are amazing, but do you ever wonder what’s so different about this oil?

Coconut oil is 90% saturated fat. Since the 1950’s, we have been told that saturated fat is the cause of heart disease, and we were advised to eat “healthy” unsaturated fats like seed and vegetable oil. Well the research is out and now we know that unsaturated fats like sunflower and canola oil are more easily damaged by oxygen, and very unstable. This means these oils are easily altered and even harmful chemicals can arise from oxidation, and especially when heated.

And if you look at the Polynesian populations (Samoa, Tonga etc.), you will find that they eat large amounts of saturated fat and are not obese and have healthy hearts.

The major benefit of coconut oil is that it’s largely comprised of Lauric Acid, which is also found in human breast milk. This beneficial fat is a medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA), which is processed differently from long-chain fatty acids (LCFA) that are found in vegetable and seed oils.

  • MCFA’s are sent directly to the liver to be processed as energy.
  • LCFA’s are mostly stored as fat and are more difficult for you body to break down. They are the cause of the plaque deposits in your arteries!

So coconut oil digests easily, provides lots of energy, decreases cholesterol and helps you lose weight!

How to Use

The easiest way to obtain the health benefits of coconut oil is to start by replacing the other oils in your kitchen with it. Some people use it as a spread or will even eat it plain.

You can start with just a teaspoon per day if you wish, and work up to a few tablespoons per day. In baking, you can use it to replace butter or shortening or any other oil the recipe calls for.

A great benefit of coconut oil is that it is very stable, and will not produce trans fatty acids when cooking with it. Trans fatty acids are caused by hydrogenating fats and are horrible for your health. Coconut oil is the safest oil to fry with, although you will do best avoiding high-temperature cooking of anything.

Cooking with coconut oil is easy and typically you won’t even taste in your food. Make sure to get an organic, unrefined, virgin oil to ensure you receive all the best benefits of coconut oil.

Have You Experienced the Many Benefits of Argan Oil?

Though there are countless health and beauty products on the market, it is important to choose natural products that do not cause damage and put your health at risk. This is why many people are seeking information on Pure Argan Oil Benefits. This special oil comes from the nut inside the fruit of the argan tree. This tree is native to Morocco and produces a rich oil that is full of essential fatty acids and vitamins. Argan oil has many benefits and can be used for your hair, nails, skin and cooking. This information will assist you in knowing how to use argan oil, so you can experience the best benefits.

Argan oil can benefit your hair, by filling it with moisture. This oil smooths your cuticle and seals dry and split ends. You can use the oil before you shampoo, for a deep conditioning treatment. This oil can also be used on dry hair. When you use this type of application, the oil acts as a styling agent and smooths frizz. The more you use the oil, the healthier your hair becomes.

When used as a facial moisturizer, argan oil can diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It can also heal your sun-damaged skin and keep it smooth and supple. All you need to do is smooth a small amount of the oil over your skin. This can be worn under your makeup or alone. It can help to protect your skin from free radicals and keep it healthy.

This oil can also treat your nails and keep them healthy. You can simply smooth the oil into your nails and cuticles. It will strengthen your nails and moisturize your cuticles, so they do not become damaged. This will give you healthier, stronger and longer nails.

You can use argan oil all over your body, for a moisturizer. This oil is safe to use on all skin types and can make your skin look younger than you ever imagined. With argan oil, you will not have to use a multitude of facial, hair and skin care products. This oil can replace them all.