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Do Supplements for Building Muscle Actually Work?

Serious bodybuilders know the importance of gaining muscle mass and some will do anything to get the upper edge including a few who may even go the illegal and unsafe route of steroids. Most conscientious bodybuilders who wish to avoid the health dangers of steroids, not to mention the stigma attached to the unfair and illegal use of these substances can still appreciate the benefits that legal bodybuilding supplements can give them. While there are many bodybuilding supplements available, they can be broken down into four major categories including proteins or amino acids, multivitamins, creatine based supplements, and supplements engineered to accomplish specific goals. It is the goal of this article to further discuss each type of supplement and how they may benefit a bodybuilder.

Proteins are the energy source needed for growing muscle and amino acids are the building blocks of the proteins. Proteins are often used by bodybuilders and because they occur naturally in nature, they are completely safe for human consumption. In order to build muscle, the bodybuilder must supply their body with the basic building blocks needed to feed new tissue growth. Protein is this necessary building block and without it, muscle tissue would break down instead of growing. The protein supplements can be broken down into four categories with each having different absorption rates and uses. Whey proteins break down quickly and therefore are best taken after a workout when the body is deep into the muscle building state. Casein proteins absorb slowly and our best taken before bed. Egg-based and Soy-based proteins have a medium absorption rate and can be taken at any time and while the soy based proteins are not as effective in bodybuilding, they are considered to have additional health benefits for women. Some companies that manufacture protein supplements blend all four proteins together.

Multivitamins are supplements that combine the essential vitamins and minerals that all human beings need. While anybody can benefit from multivitamins, bodybuilders need them more than the average person due to the fact that they are continuously breaking down tissue in order to build new muscle mass. While there are many companies that produce multivitamins, if you are growing muscle mass, it is best to choose a product specifically engineered with a bodybuilder in mind. A word of caution is needed here because although vitamins and minerals do occur naturally, taking more than the recommended dosage can result in dangerous and toxic effects.

Creatine based supplements work to increase muscle mass and add extra energy during a workout. While Creatine is naturally occurring in the body and considered to be safe and effective, it has developed a somewhat negative reputation in the past. More recently creatine is becoming more accepted in the bodybuilding world and scientific evidence suggests that it is useful for any bodybuilder who wishes to increase muscle mass and energy levels. This supplement comes in capsules, liquid, and powder forms and is often combined with protein supplements for enhanced effect. While many bodybuilders suggest that creatine is not absolutely necessary, a lot of serious athletes have begun using this substance in combination with other supplements for increased muscle growth.

There are a great number of bodybuilding supplements available, many of which have been engineered for specific needs. While it is beyond the scope of this article to discuss each and every one I will talk about some of the more popular. Glutamine is an amino acid found in muscle tissue and works to prevent muscle breakdown and helps increase the speed of recovery. Supplements such as natural testosterone boosters work to gain muscle and enhance mood while anabolic flavones are non-hormonal flavones that increase protein absorption and work well when mixed with protein. The nitic oxide is also a naturally occurring supplement and works to increase blood flow while the ZMA mineral formula is said to increase anabolic levels and elevate testosterone levels. Most of the engineered supplements are quite new and have been in development for only about the past 8 years.

With all the bodybuilding supplements available it can be extremely difficult for someone to decide what works best for them and what works will ultimately depend on what your goals as a bodybuilder are, what type of a workout schedule you use, and how much muscle mass you wish to gain. There is no set in a stone program that works for everyone with each individual having different needs. Hopefully, this article will give you an idea of what is available and what may work for you.

Starting a Bodyweight Exercise Program

Bodyweight exercises are by definition the more rigorous end of calisthenics. Eschewing most external exercise equipment beyond a chin-up bar and perhaps a box or table to jump up on, bodyweight exercises make use of your body’s own mass to provide strong resistance during your workout. The human body is quite heavy – humans being medium-sized mammals – and you can look on it as having a one hundred and fifty or two hundred pound set of exercise weights continually attached to your muscles.

Since bodyweight exercises are a type of bodybuilding and are rigorous enough to trim most of your excess fat and increase your muscle mass considerably, you should only begin such a program once you have already achieved a moderate amount of fitness.

These articles assume that you are already fit and muscular, with quite a bit of endurance, so that your body can stand the punishment that a good bodyweight exercise program inflicts. Although one of the advantages of these workouts is that they are much less likely to result in sprains or injuries than the use of strong exercise machines or heavy external weights, they can still hurt you if you attempt them too early, before your body has been developed to the point where it can withstand their stresses.

If you are not fit enough to consider lifting a hundred pound barbell without risking a hernia, sprained back, or wrenched shoulder muscles, then you are also not fit enough to start serious bodyweight exercises – yet. Fortunately, it is easy and healthy to start a calisthenics program, increase the vigor of the exercises over time, and let your fitness “evolve” to the point where you can handle full bodyweight exercises. After all, bodyweight exercises are calisthenics – just calisthenics carried to their logical limits.

Bodyweight Exercise Approaches: Repetitions versus Timed Exercises

When you are undertaking a bodyweight exercise program, there are two different approaches that you can take to controlling the amount of workout that you get. One of these is to count your repetitions, which is the more common method of the two. The other is to time your exercises instead, with each individual exercise repeated for a certain number of seconds.

The pros, cons, and general methods of these two approaches are as follows:

  • Counting your repetitions involves counting the number of repetitions of each individual exercise that you perform during each session. As you grow stronger, you increase the number of individual repetitions, as well as adding new exercises or “replacing” those which no longer offer enough challenge to your muscles.
    • Pros: you know exactly how many repetitions you are doing and will not “fall short” of your exercise goals. You can easily track how much you are increasing your exercises each time, and add a few more repetitions, or much more, depending on your needs.
    • Cons: since you have no incentive to exercise as quickly as possible, you may unconsciously work out at a slower pace. This may hinder muscular development since your body will not be subject to “explosive” effort as frequently.
  • Timing your workouts is centered around working out as hard and fast as possible for a specific period of time – anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds or more – and including brief intervals of rest in between each set of exercises, usually no more than 5 to 10 seconds apiece. During each period of exercise, you drive yourself to complete exercises as fast as possible, one after another, using explosive effort – do as many of them as your timer or stopwatch allows.
    • Pros: this type of exercise program subjects your muscles to intense, explosive effort seldom obtained by counting your repetitions. It is used by some of the most successful bodyweight exercise bodybuilders to create and maintain their enviable physiques.
    • Cons: without counting your repetitions, it is possible to work out less than you intend, especially if you are a bit tired, get off to a slow and clumsy start, etc. It also requires a use of, and monitoring of, a timer for full effect, which may prove to be a distraction.

An Overview of Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercise and strength training are not a beginner’s variety of calisthenics, and if you are just starting to work out after a long hiatus, this type of training is not for you. A fit, toned physique with decent musculature is necessary before you can plan to progress properly through bodyweight training. However, calisthenics themselves are an excellent preparation for this type of “holistic” bodybuilding, and bodyweight strength training can develop naturally as a “high end” extension of a vigorously pursued calisthenics program.

In short, if you want to know how to prepare yourself for the challenge of bodyweight strength training, begin a good, thorough calisthenics program. Bodyweight strength training is a type of calisthenics – simply calisthenics continued to its logical conclusion, beyond the point that most people advance to. These exercises are meant to create a truly powerful physique, substituting the weight of your body for free weights or exercise machines in the process.

Comparison Between Bodyweight Training and Weightlifting

Several things should be noted about bodyweight exercises before you begin. The first is that although your maximum overhead press may be lower than someone who has instead focused on barbells, your feats of strength will be very impressive by ordinary standards anyway – and you will have greater overall body strength, toughness, and endurance than most weightlifters.

Weightlifting and exercise machines focus effort on a few muscle groups, bulking these out to enormous proportions while leaving most of the muscles underdeveloped. As such, bodyweight strength training will give you better overall control of your body and a more universally useful set of muscles than weightlifting or machine training will, even if some of your specific muscles are not quite as strong, in isolation. You will find yourself able to carry out activities that would reduce a focused weightlifter to panting exhaustion much sooner.

The second thing you should be aware of is that bodyweight training develops the arms, shoulders, and chest to a greater degree than the legs. To express the idea more clearly, the upper body and arms will be brought much closer to the maximum possible human strength than the legs will be, by bodyweight training. This is because the leg muscles are larger and stronger than any of the others in your body, so a heavier weight than the human body is needed to build them to their maximum potential. This is not a problem – it is simply something you should be aware of.

Bodyweight training provides an optimal level of strength and fitness – not an all-around maximum. Nearly every muscle in your body will be developed to the same degree and will form a smooth, seamless whole of athleticism. You will feel powerful, toned, and “spring loaded”, yet at the same time comfortable and balanced. You will be very strong and fit without being turned into a clumsy, lumbering behemoth with chafing thighs.

Figuring out a Correct Bodyweight Strength Training Program

Bodyweight strength training is a challenge not only to the body but to the mind as well. Most bodyweight strength training exercises are complicated compound exercises affecting multiple muscle groups, rather than straightforward isolation exercises that provide less benefit but are easier to “fit together” into a correctly balanced program.

You will need to put considerable thought into how to build your bodyweight strength training regimen, in order to train all parts of your body to their highest potential yet avoid strains and exhaustion. This website will help you decide on the best exercises to include in your program, but you may also find it useful to locate and seek the advice of someone who is already an advanced practitioner of this rigorous branch of calisthenics.

Finally, listen to the feedback that your own body is providing you. Pain is a sign that you overdoing a certain exercise and should slack back on it a bit, while if a set of muscles is not showing signs of growth or feels unused after a workout, this is an indication that you should boost the intensity of your efforts.

The Best Muscle Building Diet

There are many bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and other weight trainers that train their hearts out on the gym floor, but there are few that combine that hard training with sound muscle-building nutrition. There is an unfortunate amount of misinformation and snake oil out there about the best ways to eat and supplement for gaining muscle, as well. Here is the true, best diet for building muscle mass:

Get Your Protein First

The full spectrum of nutrients is vital to building muscle, but the best diet for building muscle will place the focus on protein. The amino acids that make up proteins are the building blocks for new muscle tissue, the essential components which your body must have to increase size.

The best sources of protein are complete sources, meaning that they contain all 20 amino acids. These sources include all meats, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy. Soy products are okay, but men especially should avoid them because of their estrogen content. Also, do not count the protein grams from grains or other incomplete sources towards your daily total.

For the best diet for building muscle, multiply your body weight by 2 to get the number of protein grams you should eat per day. For example, a 200-pound person should eat 400 grams of protein per day. This is a lot of food to eat, but it will pay serious dividends towards your muscle gains.

Focus on Carbs for Breakfast and Around Training

Many people seem to go to the extreme with carbs. They either think you should eat lots of carbs, all the time, or they think you should almost never eat them. As is often the case, a more moderated, planned approach is the best.

Your body uses carbs best at two times of the day. The first is the morning. At this time, your body is most likely to store carbohydrates as glycogen (basically energy within your muscles), and not as body fat. Eat your oatmeal, or whatever other carb sources you favor for breakfast with your protein.

The other optimal time to eat carbs is before and after training. Before training, you are about to use whatever energy you put into your body, making it less likely to sit and be stored as fat. After training, your muscles are primed to take in carbohydrates and proteins and use them for recovery and muscle building. This is a good time to drink some sugars, such as Gatorade, and use fast-acting proteins like whey.

Make sure your carbs come from quality sources such as oatmeal, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and rice. Not all starches are created equal.

Eat Your Fats Later in the Day

You should NOT avoid fat, though many supposed diet gurus will tell you otherwise. Fat is essential for proper hormonal functions, muscle recovery, and growth. Focus on eating your fats later in the day, when your body is not as optimized for carbs. The best diet for building muscle will have a balance between these nutrients.

Make sure your fats come from quality sources, just like your carbs. The best sources of fat are nuts, oils (especially olive oil), fatty fish (like salmon), and some saturated fat from beef. You should be careful about eating too much saturated fat, but you need a little bit, especially for testosterone production.

Supplement Wisely

Most supplements out there are completely bogus. You should pretty much steer clear of supplements that have in-your-face advertisements about the enormous pump that they give you, or the steroid-like gains they have in store. These are usually nothing but expensive garbage.

The supplements you should use are whey protein, amino acids, and fish oils. Whey protein helps you get in your daily protein requirements without eating so much meat, amino acids aid in muscle recovery, and fish oils are good for heart health and inflamed joints.

Any good diet for building muscle will be focused on food, not supplements. No matter what you buy for supplementation, make sure your first priority is solid, whole food.

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If you want to get maximum benefit from your exercise ball, try using it as your office chair. Many people find that the experience is refreshing and enjoyable.

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Don’t Fall Victim To Ab Workouts Rumors You Have Heard

Anxiety over ab workouts has found many folks are taken in by ab workouts myths. These could be beliefs that you have read about, been told and as a result ended up accepting yet they may well not be correct. It’s important to distinguish between the cyber gossip and the reality which will help as you look for a way out for belly reducing and workouts.

These are some of the usual beliefs or cyber gossip that you may be told or find out as part of your daily hunt for better ways to toll on your tummy and fat loss. Certainly one of these myths is that abdominal muscle is unlike standard muscle tissue and therefore need superior ab workouts. The reality is that muscular tissues are the same. Abdominal muscle is similar to different muscles in your quads or biceps along with others. They might only be distinct given that these are located in a different part of our bodies. The abs do not contain structural difference, physiological or in the way they tighten or get stronger.

The other fable implies that you’ll need ab workouts daily in order to obtain a rapid outcome. The truth is you should give time for recuperation particularly if you are a beginner and the abs aren’t yet accustomed to the exercises. Start with all the workouts you’re at ease with as you progress on the road to more difficult ones.

Ab training will help to melt down the abdominals fat. This may not be accurate because burning down the fat may require more than the training similar to the inclusion of different types of exercises, consuming nourishing foods plus avoiding eating of much calories. Lower the fat that you eat on your eating routine. It’s going to enable you to get to work on the already stored body fat and reduce adding more into your body.

One more fable of ab workouts would be the belief that high repetitions may be mandatory so that you can achieve results. There are helpful hints that will enable you to work out better including pulling your shoulder together throughout the crunches, pull your head forward, make the stomach contract before you make other moves involved with the exercise such as the rib or the remainder of the body. Generate measured movements as you monitor the best position you can make and how far it is possible to go when stretching and lengthening the body during crunches.

A perception that you can actually buy miracle ab workouts is a myth. Abdominal muscle groups call for exercises like crunches to work on it. You should stretch more plus tighten the stomach. There are no shortcuts that you can apply or take to work on the stomach muscle groups faster. It will be a process that requires commitment and perseverance. The belief that you cannot get ab workouts from home and that you must visit a fitness center is a myth. You can carry out abdominals crunches and other workout routines at home and still get the equivalent outcome especially if you don’t have the time to visit a fitness center.

Evade being a victim of the many myths and advertisements that target consumers who are desperately in search of faster and effortless ways to decrease the abdominals and acquire the figure that makes you feel comfortable.

Healthy And Successful Weight-Loss Is The Ideal Goal
When you give some thought to getting fit, as well as the ways that the weight loss process could be idyllic, the descriptive words that come to mind are normally “rapid” and “simple” or words which mean largely the same things.

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There’s a popular saying that if you have your health you have everything. I not ever paid plenty of attention to this. I thought it was something that people that did not have the better things in life said to themselves to feel better.

Jump Rope – When It Comes To Fitness Exercise, It Could Be Smart To Keep It Simple
Want to get in shape without having to manage the monotonous, never-ending routines? The solution is simple to give the jumping rope a try.

Worst Ab Exercises

This is normally the time of year when we start off hunting at our waistline which has almost certainly improved from all the very good meals eaten for the duration of the holiday season. The motivation for performing abdominal or ab exercise is no doubt augmented by the blizzard of commercials for goods that will help us decrease our waistline in much less time and much more properly. Giving us the “six pack abs” that we want.

While several of the ab physical exercise products need to be judged on their very own merits, there are millions of Americans who do start or re-start off a physical exercise plan each year and typically make critical mistakes in picking which variety of ab exercise to complete. There are exercises that can really boost the size of our waistline as an alternative of decreasing it.

For starters, the right sort of ab physical exercise will focus on the upper and reduce abdominal muscle tissue to strengthen the abdominal wall and support flatten the abdomen region.

This will not necessarily decrease the waistline nevertheless simply because although strengthening the abdominal wall is crucial, it is lowering the fat around the abdomen area which will decrease the waistline in general. This means eating a healthy diet program that promotes muscle constructing and excess fat burning so your ab exercise system has the appropriate effect – Flatter abs!

When you have established a very good diet program that reduces carbohydrates and increases protein, the following stage is steering clear of the varieties of ab workouts that can either have no impact or can improve the muscle mass all around the waist location.

Straight Leg Situps: Most of us are familiar with the bent knee sit-ups which are very widespread, but straight leg sit ups put a great deal of stress on your decrease back, particularly the spine and can lead to injury especially if the sit up movement is fast or jerky. The bent knee sits up requires the pressure off the spine and must be done gradually with a gradual movement for maximum impact and lessening the odds for injury.

The Bend-In excess of Twist: This is another poor ab exercising that works the oblique muscle places around the waist and not the abdominal wall itself. This sort of exercise normally consists of bending over until the upper half of the body is parallel to the ground and then twisting the torso from left to proper.

Roman Chair Sit-up: Essentially this is sitting commonly in a chair and bending backward to the point exactly where the back might be parallel to the floor, then using the abdominal muscle tissue to pull you back to a typical seated place. While this may possibly feel like it works, the hip flexors are the muscle tissues that are being employed largely in this ab physical exercise.

Electronic Ab Stimulators: These electronic devices which have an extended history promise to develop the muscle tissue faster by performing far more contractions that feasible under typical circumstances. Nevertheless, the study about the devices exhibits that the body fat burning effects as nicely as developing six pack abs are non-existent.

Total, obtaining the best ab exercise is one that promotes the flattening of your abdominal muscle tissue even though placing the least strain on other locations of your entire body to minimize injury. Consistency and persistence in following a daily physical exercise schedule combined with a suitable diet program will show dramatic outcomes in a reasonably quick period of time.

10-Minute Weight Loss Workouts

How does one lose weight in just 10 minutes? or How about the rule required Twenty or so minutes of cardio before you begin burning fat?

Well, first off, because I have said before, the whole understanding of a fat-burning zone or possibly a magical fat-burning period of time just doesn’t match the most popular sense method of weight reduction.Check out exercises or techniques by John Romaniello.

People can lose weight without having done any cardio at all so it’s clear that you don’t have to workout for around 20-minutes along with your heart rate at 60% of one’s maximum heart rate. Fat burning is far simpler than that and I’ll tell you some fundamental workouts below that crank your metabolic process and enable you to burn calories if you are not exercising.

Second, final results of one’s training occur not in the gym rather than over the workout. This is why the before-mentioned increased metabolism is so important. In case you put the right turbulence on your own muscles in 10-minutes, you are able to make positive changes to the body without pondering doing cardio.

Review go through the first weight reduction right away work out a 10-minute body sculpting workout. Say you should only have 10 mins to do necessary exercise today what when you do?

However, you need to combine a warm-up, resistance training, and interval training all into one. So our work is best submitted on bodyweight training.

Therefore you lack time for isolation work. Instead, you need to hit three hot zones on the human body for optimum metabolism boosting: push muscles, pull muscles, and legs.

Also, you’ll hit all of the other muscle tissue simultaneously. So you’ll do a circuit of something like:

  • 1A) Prisoner Squats (advanced option: 1-Leg Squats)
  • 1B) Pushups (advanced option: Spiderman Pushups)
  • 1C) Inverted Rows (advanced option: Pull-ups; easy option: Stick-ups)

Within the first round with this circuit, you’ll go through it easy. Perform 25% of your maximum number of reps that can be done for each and every exercise. When you can perform 20 push ups, do only 5 while in the first warm-up circuit. That is the warm-up circuit.

You will do as many circuits as you possibly can while in the most of the 10 minutes. Go back-to-back-to-back on these 3 exercises. You are able to rest as soon as the rows/pull-ups for A short period if possible, but that’s it.

You may be amazed by all about those feelings by the end of your 10-minutes. Along with your metabolism will likely be elevated for any for a long time period than if you been competing in the fat-burn zone for 10-minutes.

Okay, now here’s an alternative choice, stepping into some dumbbell work. The next superset trains all the body and is focused on these hot zones.

  • 1A) DB Squat (8 reps per set)
  • 1B) DB Chest Press (8 reps per set)

Use light weights personally warm-up set, after which it do as many sets as they can in 10 mins for the remainder of the workout.

At any rate, while you’re with another 10 mins, you are able to inside the fat-burning ante by doing 10 mins of intervals. So can appear far more effective for weight reduction and fitness than 10 more minutes while in the so-called fat-burning zone.

Do 3-5 minutes of exercise-specific warm-up. Then do your intervals for A short period and then 30-60 seconds of sleep. Repeat 3-6 times. Then cooldown.

Okay, now consider greedy and assume we’ve Half-hour for a workout. Well bond with getting maximum results using this type of marathon duration workout.

First, go to the bodyweight circuit mentioned above. Accomplish this twice, nice easy. That should take 5 minutes from the clock.

Then transfer to your strength supersets. Following your lead above, you’ll check out train all the body with only 2 moves. It’s actually not simple, but fortunately, that can be done 2 supersets with this workout. The resistance training is going to take about 15 minutes as you’ll do 3 teams of 8 per exercise without extra rest between sets just for enough time to switch exercises.

  • 1A) DB Goblet Squat (In case you have a barbell, use it in lieu of DBs)
  • 1B) DB Row
  • 2A) DB Romanian Deadlift
  • 2B) DB Incline Press

Then finish with intervals. In this workout, try another program. Start out with a warm-up, then do each work interval for 45 seconds, and rest A minute in between each interval. Do 4-6 rounds and finished by using a cooldown, obviously.

P.S. Is really a not enough time stressing you out of trouble?

No time for you to exercise will be the #1 reason many people don’t exercise consistently. The truth is, a lack of time stresses many people out for most reasons whether it is a lack of time for you to prepare good food, exercise, or perhaps be with the family. The warm-up is applicable on your workout, not some 5-minute total waste about the treadmill. The resistance training supersets shave minutes off your wait time. And the intervals trim your cardio by 50 percent or more.