Health Benefits of Coconut Oil Diet

The health benefits of coconut oil list keep growing as researchers discover new ways that healthy fats improve our body’s function. The old ideas of how fats are bad are changing.

On this article, I will go over the main benefits of coconut oil and then explain why and how this highly saturated fat oil can be so healthy.


Including coconut oil in your diet is an excellent way to help keep our heart and circulatory system healthy. Most people when they think of coconut oil in its hard, white state are reminded of plaque forming as cholesterol on their artery walls!

Well, this is impossible, as coconut oil becomes a liquid at 76°F. Also, more and more research is coming out suggesting that dietary saturated fat and cholesterol do not cause these plaques. In fact, it is pretty well known now that you can eat a few eggs a day and it will have no impact on your blood cholesterol levels. But this is a discussion for another article.

Weight Loss

So coconut oil can help prevent heart attacks, and it can also help those trying to lose weight. How is that possible? Coconut oil’s saturated fats increase your metabolism – so you burn more unnecessary fat. The fats in the oil go straight to the liver to be used for energy, not stored as fat as other types of fat are.


The effect on weight loss is largely due to how coconut oil affects the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is responsible for producing hormones that control metabolism. Many people who have an underactive thyroid will be overweight because of this. A great coconut oil benefit is its ability to encourage the correct function of the thyroid and help the body burn more fat.

Hair and Skin

Another one of the benefits of coconut oil is its outstanding use as a hair conditioner. There are many videos online that will show you how to do this, but basically, you just rub it in your hair and scalp and let is sit for an hour or so, and then wash it out. The best benefit is that it is a completely natural product and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals like most hair products do.

You can also use it as a skin lotion to help relieve dry skin and also to help prevent future damage. It does this by protecting against the damage from free radicals, which are a major cause of aging.

Remember that whatever you put on your skin, it will most likely end up in your bloodstream and in your body! This is why it’s a good idea to avoid chemicals in the products you use. The Environmental Working Group is a great website that can give you the details of the chemicals in your everyday products.

How is Coconut Oil so Healthy?

It’s true that all the health benefits of coconut oil are amazing, but do you ever wonder what’s so different about this oil?

Coconut oil is 90% saturated fat. Since the 1950’s, we have been told that saturated fat is the cause of heart disease, and we were advised to eat “healthy” unsaturated fats like seed and vegetable oil. Well the research is out and now we know that unsaturated fats like sunflower and canola oil are more easily damaged by oxygen, and very unstable. This means these oils are easily altered and even harmful chemicals can arise from oxidation, and especially when heated.

And if you look at the Polynesian populations (Samoa, Tonga etc.), you will find that they eat large amounts of saturated fat and are not obese and have healthy hearts.

The major benefit of coconut oil is that it’s largely comprised of Lauric Acid, which is also found in human breast milk. This beneficial fat is a medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA), which is processed differently from long-chain fatty acids (LCFA) that are found in vegetable and seed oils.

  • MCFA’s are sent directly to the liver to be processed as energy.
  • LCFA’s are mostly stored as fat and are more difficult for you body to break down. They are the cause of the plaque deposits in your arteries!

So coconut oil digests easily, provides lots of energy, decreases cholesterol and helps you lose weight!

How to Use

The easiest way to obtain the health benefits of coconut oil is to start by replacing the other oils in your kitchen with it. Some people use it as a spread or will even eat it plain.

You can start with just a teaspoon per day if you wish, and work up to a few tablespoons per day. In baking, you can use it to replace butter or shortening or any other oil the recipe calls for.

A great benefit of coconut oil is that it is very stable, and will not produce trans fatty acids when cooking with it. Trans fatty acids are caused by hydrogenating fats and are horrible for your health. Coconut oil is the safest oil to fry with, although you will do best avoiding high-temperature cooking of anything.

Cooking with coconut oil is easy and typically you won’t even taste in your food. Make sure to get an organic, unrefined, virgin oil to ensure you receive all the best benefits of coconut oil.

15 Oral Hygiene Tips For Healthy, White Teeth

Oral hygiene is one of the most important areas of our health. Healthy teeth, strong gums, and sweet breath are the upshots of an effective dental care regime. Here are our top 15 tips to ensure you don’t need any additional attention or treatment.

1. Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal: Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day, and ideally after every meal to remove food particles and fight against plaque.

2. Floss between Your Teeth Regularly: Flossing is equally as important as brushing, yet many people consider it an option. Floss daily between your teeth to remove any excess food particles on your way to a healthier, happier mouth.

3. Use Mouthwash To Kill Bacteria: Rinse your mouth with mouthwash, taking care to gargle in order to ensure you are tackling the bacteria inside your mouth.

4. Visit Your Dentist At Least Every Six Months: Your dentists will keep a check on more serious problems, as well as being able to provide a closer, more effective clean for your teeth.

5. Eat a Balanced Diet: One of the most important elements of treating your teeth well is to eat a balanced diet, which takes in a mix of each of the major food groups. This will provide the vitamins and nutrients necessary for strong teeth and gums.

6. Avoid High Sugar Foods: Foods with a high sugar content are terrible for your teeth. This includes fruits, which while good for your body, are too acidic for your teeth. Take care to keep high sugar, acidic food away from the forefront of your diet, to get the best dental results.

7. Avoid Carbonated Drinks: In a similar way, carbonated drinks can actually erode the enamel on your teeth, and lead to the decay that causes more significant dental problems. Cut these drinks down in your diet and your teeth will immediately see the benefit.

8. Avoid Foods That Get Stuck In the Teeth: Food that gets stuck in your teeth, like potato chips, are uniquely bad for your dental health. Because these particles stick to your teeth, they are often left in your mouth for longer, giving a greater chance to decay.

9. Brush Your Tongue To Remove Excess Bacteria: The tongue carries its own bacteria. Brush it daily to remove these bacteria and leave your breath fresher.

10. Drink Ample Amounts Of Water: Water is essential for flushing out your mouth while ensuring a healthy, hydrated body.

11. Chew Gum To Keep Saliva Production High: Chewing gum increases saliva production, which helps fight against plague and other causes of dental problems. Sugar-free gum is a dental essential for those who cannot brush rigidly between meals.

12. Brush Your Gum Line To Remove Debris And Provide A Deeper Clean: It is essential you brush along and into the gum line, to remove any excess particles that can cause problems for your dental health.

13. Use A Soft Whitening Toothpaste For Safer, White Teeth: Non-abrasive, soft, white toothpaste are the most effective at generating whitening results.

14. Upgrade Your Toothbrush: A better toothbrush can make the world of difference to your dental health, helping you reach those tougher-to-access areas for a better clean.

15. Rinse With Mouthwash After Snacking: After each snack, rinse with mouthwash to kill off bacteria and leave your mouth clean.

Keeping your teeth and mouth in a healthy condition is essential for ensuring you can enjoy your teeth and gums in a healthier condition for longer. Avoid the need for emergency dental treatment, along with some 70% of all dental problems, simply through caring for your mouth in a more effective way.

Have You Experienced the Many Benefits of Argan Oil?

Though there are countless health and beauty products on the market, it is important to choose natural products that do not cause damage and put your health at risk. This is why many people are seeking information on Pure Argan Oil Benefits. This special oil comes from the nut inside the fruit of the argan tree. This tree is native to Morocco and produces a rich oil that is full of essential fatty acids and vitamins. Argan oil has many benefits and can be used for your hair, nails, skin and cooking. This information will assist you in knowing how to use argan oil, so you can experience the best benefits.

Argan oil can benefit your hair, by filling it with moisture. This oil smooths your cuticle and seals dry and split ends. You can use the oil before you shampoo, for a deep conditioning treatment. This oil can also be used on dry hair. When you use this type of application, the oil acts as a styling agent and smooths frizz. The more you use the oil, the healthier your hair becomes.

When used as a facial moisturizer, argan oil can diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It can also heal your sun-damaged skin and keep it smooth and supple. All you need to do is smooth a small amount of the oil over your skin. This can be worn under your makeup or alone. It can help to protect your skin from free radicals and keep it healthy.

This oil can also treat your nails and keep them healthy. You can simply smooth the oil into your nails and cuticles. It will strengthen your nails and moisturize your cuticles, so they do not become damaged. This will give you healthier, stronger and longer nails.

You can use argan oil all over your body, for a moisturizer. This oil is safe to use on all skin types and can make your skin look younger than you ever imagined. With argan oil, you will not have to use a multitude of facial, hair and skin care products. This oil can replace them all.

How to Choose Good Dietary Supplements

Any shopper who walks into a grocery store, health food store, pharmacy or searches online is confronted with thousands of dietary supplements. How does a consumer know what to choose?

Listed below are some questions to ask when choosing good dietary supplements:

1. What information is printed on the label?

The label should indicate the names of the nutrients and the amounts contained, the forms used for the ingredients, and the number of tablets. The label should also provide you basic information about the company (address, contact information), recommended dosage, manufacturing dates, and expiration others.

2. How reliable is the supplement company?

There are several factors to check about the supplement manufacturer:

Is the supplement manufactured under good manufacturing practice, GMP?

Does the manufacturing process eliminate the risk of product contamination or incorrect labeling?

Were the supplements tested independently for purity and strength?

Does the manufacturer have good quality control?

Is information freely available on the company website or in the product literature?

Does the company have a customer service phone number or department and are they willing to answer questions?

3. How many products does the company offer?

It there is only one item, the company may not have a full range of supplements that can work together in a complementary fashion. They may also just produce one product to cash in on the current fad. If the company has a wide range of products, they probably have a lot of knowledge about combinations of supplements that work well together. Those companies are automatically copying the synergistic elements found in nature.

4. How is the supplement being delivered to the consumer?

Is the supplement in a pill, powder or liquid? Often a pill is too compressed to dissolve easily in the stomach and it passes through without being adequately digested. The label should state that the tablets meet the USP dissolution standards and so they will dissolve in the stomach. An even better choice is a supplement that is manufactured in a powder form that can be mixed with water. This kind of supplement is very easily absorbed in the small intestine.

5. How knowledgeable about the supplement are the workers at the store?

A store that sells quality supplements usually has staff that is knowledgeable about the products. They can guide customers toward the right products based on the customer’s needs. If the worker can not explain why one particular supplement is better than another or how they are different, then the manager should be consulted, the literature in the box perused, or the company website investigated.

The recommendations of friends or relatives can certainly provide some point of reference but the information provided by experts is more trustworthy. Anecdotal information cannot be verified or substantiated. Since each person body is different, the results might not be the same for each person.

Supplements are valuable and necessary additions to good nutrition and healthy living, but they should not be consumed on a whim or without full knowledge of their properties or effects. The purpose of dietary supplements is to enhance health. If the wrong supplements are chosen, they will not perform the way the customer wants them to. Possible ill effects could be suffered and money will certainly be wasted.

Healthy Food and Supplement World

This article will inform you about the buzz around enzymes, e3, and blue-green algae in the health food and supplement world.

First, there is enzymes function. What do you want these little guys for? Well, lots of reasons! Enzymes are biological catalysts. That means that they lower the activation energy needed to begin chemical reactions that break down the food we eat. You may wish to view it in another way, where the enzymes work as keys of a sort which will unlock the energy and nutrients that are hidden, in a sense, in the food we eat. Some foods need these enzymes to allow them to open up and provide our bodies with energy in a form we can use. Enzymes function in natural ways, helping us to digest food without using unnatural processes of heating or processing foods in order to aid the digestive system in a breakdown. Thus, adding them to your diet will really help give your body a break.

Next, there is something called -e3 live.- What is this? E3 is a type of blue-green algae. This will be distinguished from general algae because it is more specific to the health food stores as supplements. This form of the algae energizes, balances, and focuses the mind as well as the body because of the great nutrient force it is able to provide at a low cost. It will apply to women and men, as well as children. You’ll be able to reap powerful benefits in weight control, digestive support, joint care, heart health, glowing skin, blood sugar regulation, and more. It’s truly amazing, a number of benefits that are available to us through this form of the algae. You’ll be able to find it in most health foods or supplement store.

Lastly, there is the scientific information about, which is quite fascinating and also contributes to your understanding of why the e3 is so beneficial. This alga feeds off of the sun alone, so it is bright and light. It grows where nitrogen and phosphorus are rich, and it is composed primarily of rich plant protein. Many people believe that protein only comes from meat, or that it’s in highest percentage there. But truly, the highest content is found in these algae without the cholesterol and fat. Keeping that in mind, you know that you are consuming a clean, chlorophyll-filled source of protein that will enrich and enliven your body from the inside out.

How To Encourage Your Kids To Eat Healthy Food

When your child starts eating sugary foods and other processed foods you will have the hard time introducing to healthy food. Help your child to choose healthy foods rather than unhealthy foods and talk to them the important benefits of vegetables and fruits in our body. Remember, you can aid the child to better wellness by fostering healthy habits to eat and reach optimum balanced meals teeming with health. And here are some tips:

Encourage them to try. It’s true! Great family mealtime habits develop healthy kids. Here are some basic table rules: never skip mealtimes, eat together as a family, enjoy more cooked meals than restaurant fares, and get the kids help prepare the table and clean it after.

Snack right. Keep snack time healthy by offering alternatives to candies and chips. Vegetable sticks n fat-free ranch dressing, banana and apple cuts topped with peanut butter, pasta or sandwiches, cookies in fun shapes. Fresh fruits in the afternoon are fun and healthy choices too. Partnered with a delicious glass of lite milk specially made for kids can help give your child the essential nutrients he needs, less of the fat and calories.

Don’t force picky eaters. Forcing food to a kid can be disastrous she might grow to hate anything you offer her after. Instead encourage her to stay at the table until the end of every meal time, whether she eats or not. Never offer dessert as a bribe to finish her meal. Also, distractions like TV steal kids appetite. Get them to focus on the food by turning the TV off, putting toys away, and keeping the food colorful and creative. Tips: do not give them food in between mealtimes to make them look forward to every meal.

Always informed kids you’re about the good benefits of eating nutritious meals will give them the energy that they need to get through the day and making them stronger and healthier.

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