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How To Lose Pregnancy Weight?

Are you pregnant and worry about gaining some extra kilograms, or have you recently delivered a baby and how want to lose extra weight and get back you former shape? Do not be afraid, for most women it is not a big problem to lose pregnancy weight. Here are some tips on how to do this without starving yourself.

If you are still pregnant do not use pregnancy as an excuse to binge. Pregnancy is the time to get strict about your nutrition. The consumption of junk foods produces a small weak baby and a great mom. Make your pregnancy a time to turn a new page if you are addicted to junk food.

At the same time do not get obsessed about weight gain. Focus on healthy nutrition, stay as active as you can, and you will not go wrong.

Breastfeed your baby.

Breastfeeding burns around 500-700 calories a day. What a perfect and magical way to lose extra calories sitting around relaxing on the couch! Several studies show, that mothers who breastfeed return to their pre-pregnancy weight more quickly and easily. Breastfeeding also helps your uterus to contract back to its normal size faster.

Take a walk every day

Walking is probably the best exercise for new moms. It’s free and does not require a babysitter or any special equipment, except for the pram or sling, of course. Besides you can go for a walk with your friend.

Wear your baby

Carrying your baby in a sling you can shed a number of calories during the day as you care for other children or do you everyday household chores. It also makes it easier for you to be active. You’ll be less tempted to sit around.

Curb your cravings

Mothers after birth have cravings for several reasons. One is because serotonin levels are falling, leading to cravings for sugar. Substitute unhealthy snacks with healthy products. Things like dried fruits and nuts, granola, low-fat yogurt will help you to feel full and not to get additional calories. Focus on healthy and balanced nutrition.

Get enough rest

Easier to say than to do for a new mom, of course! But if possible, have a nap with your baby. When you do not get enough sleep you tend to gain weight. Consider the possibility of putting the baby to bed with you if you are breastfeeding. You will sleep better, your baby will also sleep better.

And finally, do not be in a hurry

Be realistic; do not expect yourself to be back in your favorite jeans within weeks of delivery. Meanwhile, appreciate your new, feminine curves. You have gained weight gradually and now you need some time to lose it and to get your pre-pregnancy shape.

Enjoy your new baby!

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21 Day Diet Meal Plan

Let’s be honest now, in the grand scheme of things, 3 weeks to lose weight and radically change your eating habits is a tough task. In the first days after beginning the diet, your body is still adjusting to the new eating regime you’re putting it through, meaning the effects you see may be small. The benefit though is that you’re on the right track to continue living and eating healthy. With  3 weeks Diet Plan under your belt, you’ll also find it much easier, mentally, to cut out the unhealthy foods you’re craving, replacing them with much healthier alternatives.

There’s simply no point opting into one of those short term fad diets because of they’re just not sustainable, often turning out to be less healthy than the one you had before. Although you might see quicker results with these kinds of plans, you won’t be able to keep it up for a long time, and more often than not, the dieters end up putting on all the weight they’ve already lost, and sometimes even more.

21 Day Diet Plan

We’ve specially formulated this general diet plan for you, in the hope that it could serve as a 3-week catalyst for your ongoing healthier eating. The majority of people see diets as a temporary thing rather than a lifestyle change, and these are the people that will tend to fluctuate in weight more rapidly and to more extreme ends of the spectrum. If your goal is to lose weight and be less prone to diseases or disorders, then you’ll need to realize that the dieting journey you embark on will be a permanent one.

To start off, in all three weeks here, you will need to refrain from all kinds of processed foods and snacks, so no crisps, ready made food, frozen pizzas. Instead, replace these with healthier alternatives like fruits, nuts, and home cooked foods.

Diet Plan For Week 1

In the first week were going to throw you straight into the deep water. We’re going to cut out one of your meals, and replace it with a healthy smoothie. You can find low-calorie smoothie recipes all over the internet, but just to point you in the right direction, yogurt and a wide range of fruits are a good way to start.

For this week were not going to put any restrictions on what you can and can’t eat for the other two meals other than no processed foods. The idea for this week is to snap you out of the processed foods addiction while introducing more fruit, vegetables, and home-cooked meals into your diet. After day three or four you should see a huge difference in the way you feel. Without all those nasty chemicals in your system, you’ll find that you’ll be much more awake during the day, sleep better and generally have more energy.

Diet Plan For Week 2

For the second week, were going to carry on with the smoothie a day to replace one of your meals, but were going to make you eat smaller meals with healthy snacks in between. So for example, you can have a smaller portion of bran flakes in the morning, a handful of nuts an hour later, your healthy smoothie shake for lunch, some dried apricots and some nuts between lunch and dinner, then eat a balanced home cooked meal at night.

The idea here is that by snacking on healthy foods high in good fats and oils, you will stay fuller for longer, enabling you to eat smaller portions during meal times. Not only does this cut down the total calories you’re consuming on a day to day level, but it also increases your body’s metabolism, meaning your digestive system will help you burn some more calories through the whole day.

Diet Plan For Week 3

For this last week, were going to give you a little treat, and let you include one cheat meal every 3 days where you can eat anything you want. You can carry on replacing a meal with a smoothie if you feel like it, if not, then you just need to stick with a balanced meal, with plenty of fiber and fruits.

We understand how bad your cravings must be after 2 weeks, and let you have one cheat meal every three days won’t do much damage. Motivation is key to long term healthy eating, and letting you have unrestricted eating occasionally is fine if it keeps your morale up. What you should aim for though is to slowly try to extend the number of days without a cheat meal. You’ll find that this gets a whole lot easier the longer you stay away from the bad foods.

Achieve Faster Belly Fat Loss With These 3 Tips

If you would like to get slimmer and accomplish belly fat loss, everyone knows that eating a healthy diet has to be your number one goal. Of course, exercise is important, nonetheless, diet is king in regards to lifetime weight control. I hope this short article presents you a number of simple, but highly effective solutions for you to be able to create healthy changes in the way you consume food on a day by day basis.

1. Be sure to consume at least a small number of nutrient-rich fats in nearly all of your meals. Consuming adequate nutritious fats is truly significant for maintaining recommended fat burning as well as lean muscle creating hormone levels within your body. The right healthy fats in your diet regime also assist when it comes to maintaining your food cravings under control.

The best sources of dietary fats are seeds, raw nuts, egg yolks (from organic totally free range eggs), extra virgin olive oil (highest antioxidant content of olive oils), coconut oil (a fantastic source of nutritious saturated fats inside the form of medium chain triglycerides), avocados, and grass-fed meats (a great source from the healthy fat, conjugated linoleic acid, which can aid burn body fat and develop muscle).

Try out this suggestion munch on a handful of organic nuts (pecans, walnuts, and almonds are usually very good wholesome options) a few times a day approximately thirty minutes prior to eating meals. In so doing, you can easily hold off your appetite whilst at the same time nourishing your body with fiber, and proteins along with numerous fats that are healthy and balanced so as to consume fewer calories during mealtimes. You will also gain benefits from increased nutrition due to the fact the nut products are actually high nutrient density.

2. Make an effort to consume a top quality protein supply with every meal and snack that you take in. Excellent proteins from grass-fed lean meats, grass fed fresh dairy, as well as from natural plant sources including nuts along with beans delivers great hunger suppression so that you are able to manage your own caloric intake easier.

Consuming sufficient quality proteins assists you to create toned muscle mass (in the event that you are exercising consistently) so that your current fat burning capacity can run at a higher rate from the increased toned muscle found on your physique.

Eating adequate protein at most of your meals also assists your body in managing its blood sugar as well as insulin levels by helping to slow the actual breakdown of absorbed carbohydrates.

3. Although I do not fully agree with extremely low-carb diets, I do believe that one of the main reasons that so many individuals struggle to lose weight for most of their lives is due to eating excessive processed carbohydrates such as refined grain-based starches and refined sugars on a daily basis.

The natural sugars in whole fruit, as well as berries, tend to be all right mainly because the fiber in fruit helps to slow the blood sugar response within your body. Remember that fruit juices should be avoided because they are primarily sugar and fruits lose the fiber when they are turned into juice.

In my experience as a nutrition specialist, when individuals begin to minimize their grain consumption (from cereals, bagels, bread, pasta, etc), they start to lose body fat much more easily. What I generally recommend is for people to minimize eating grains and focus their carbohydrate intake on fruits and vegetables solely. This simple step on its own usually helps people to start managing their weight more easily and target effective belly fat loss.

Make an effort to employ the three tips for eating a better, health boosting diet and I’m willing to bet that you are going to start to notice a slimmer body and a lot more energy in no time.

I hope you enjoyed this article and it helps you to start eating healthier and enjoying better health!

What is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight?

Summer is the season to have fun. It is that time of the year when you sport the trendiest of swimsuits and the skimpiest of clothes. You like to spend the entire morning and afternoon on the beach or by the pool. But being overweight might kill all the fun. If you have a paunch belly or flabby arms and thighs, you will obviously avoid wearing revealing clothes. You will have no choice other than settling for a swimsuit that covers most parts of your body. But why let your body determine your choice of clothes? Instead of grumbling about your overweight issue, why not do something about it?

Losing weight might be difficult but not impossible. You just need to follow the right steps and make some sincere effort. If you surf the internet you will be flooded by articles on the fastest way to lose 20 pounds or the fastest way to lose 10 pounds in a week etc. But it is important to remember that not all the sources are trustworthy. So before jumping into any weight loss program, evaluate its pros and cons wisely and check if it actually works.

We all wish we could lose weight as fast as we gain it. But shedding those extra pounds seems to take forever. In order to help you lose weight quickly, this article would focus on topics like ‘what is the fastest way to lose weight in a week?’ and ‘the fastest way to lose weight without exercising’.

First Rule

If you hate to exercise but want to lose 10- 20 pounds very quickly, you will first of all have to limit your calorie intake to about 1500 calories per day. We all know that oily and fried food is a big storehouse of calories. So you need to delete those French fries, chips, hot dog and pizzas from your diet chart. Also stop having sweet and sugary food like cakes, pastries, candies, ice-creams etc. Shift to healthier options like milk protein (don’t drink full-fat milk, opt for skimmed milk instead), yogurt, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Second Rule

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will increase the fiber content in your diet and help you lose weight fast. Vegetable protein like pulses, lentils, lettuce, mushroom, beets, broccoli, etc. are extremely beneficial to healthy and doesn’t make us fat. So every time you feel like having some snacks, go for a bowl of fruit or vegetable salad.

Third Rule

Limit your carbohydrate intake to lose weight fast. This can be achieved by replacing white bread, white rice, flour and white pasta in your diet with brown bread, wheat flour and brown or red rice.

Fourth Rule

Eat your breakfast regularly to lose weight. The breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So don’t skip your breakfast. Having the right amount of fiber, protein and vitamin in your day’s first meal give you a good head start to a long day ahead. Opt for healthy breakfast options like oatmeal, corn flakes, almond, fruits, etc. It also keeps you full until lunch, so that you don’t feel the urge to indulge in unhealthy snacking.

Fifth Rule

Eating smaller meals multiple times a day is the fastest way to lose 10 pounds. Don’t over indulge in food even if it is your favorite. Eat small portions of food during meals and don’t ask for that second helping. Drinking a glass of water half an hour before a meal might help you eat less because it will keep your stomach full. Also, break your meal into 5 or 6 smaller meals. That way you will not feel the need for unhealthy snacking and your stomach will be full throughout the day.

Sixth Rule

If you hate being restricted to the four walls of a gym, there are other ways of burning calories without exercising with machines. You could take up any sport that you like for example, cricket, soccer, baseball, basketball and other games that make you run around and sweat. You could also play with your kids for an hour, take your dog out for a walk, clean the house and indulge in other similar activities to stay fit. In this way, you can be both physically and mentally healthy. Games and outdoor activities also help you de-stress and keep you tension free. Remember that stress is also a big reason for gaining weight.

Losing weight quickly and keeping it from coming back can be a big challenge. But if you follow your diet plan diligently and increase your daily level of activity, you will not find it difficult to shed those extra 10-20 pounds.

Use These Tips For Healthy Weight-Loss

Discuss your weight loss plans with your doctor to avoid diet or exercise than can be dangerous to your health. There are many approaches to dieting and many of them are conflicting, which makes it hard to decide which one is right for you. Follow the tips that you will read this article to lose weight the right way.

If you’ve lived any portion of your life as an overweight individual, you know how difficult being overweight can be. You have become an expert in healthy weight loss, and you will be able to maintain the results you worked so hard to achieve.

One good tip for losing weight is not to wear clothing that is loose. It is common for those with weight issues to wear baggy or loose-fitting clothes. They may feel comfortable in them; however, it keeps them from thinking about the weight as well. If you wear clothes that are not as tight you might want to lose more weight.

Always have healthy snacks available in your fridge and pantry. Buy a large, lidded container that is made out of plastic. Buy fresh vegetables such as carrots, celery, and radishes. Lay out the veggies in the container over a layer of ice with a little water and store them in the fridge. That way, you’ll always have something to grab when you’re on the go.

Eliminate all traces of junk food and fatty snacks from your home. If you don’t bring junk food into the house, you won’t be tempted by having it available to you. Conversely, make certain your cupboards are always stocked with plenty of healthful snacks. For instance, prepare an attractive arrangement of fresh vegetables on a tray to keep in the refrigerator or stock tasty whole-grain crackers to grab for a quick snack.

Fast weight loss is counterproductive when it comes to keeping that weight off. You may want the pounds to come off rapidly, but quick results will probably be short-lived. So, take the slow, steady approach to weight loss if you want to achieve a healthy and sustainable weight.

When losing weight, instead of trying to achieve a specific weight, try to reach a specific clothing size. Don’t pay any attention to your scale. Weights can be very different between two people. Everyone has a different ideal weight. Therefore, it’s not wise to aim for a goal weight. Focus on the clothing you want to get into instead.

Losing weight is not that difficult when you consider it. Staying true to a positive mentality is the best way to maintain your diet. Every activity you engage in, even if it’s just household chores, will help you lose weight. If you want to reach your goal weight, all you have to do is get moving.

Reduce the large meals that you eat during the day to lose weight. If you eat three large meals a day, you are likely to surpass your calorie limit and not lose weight. Try changing your eating habits to include more frequent smaller meals throughout the day to help your body to lose weight. Each of these meals should total roughly 200 or 300 calories.

If you hate the gym, look for alternate ways to burn calories. Go bike riding, toss a Frisbee to Fido, play in the surf at the beach or do some gardening. As long keep moving, you are burning calories. Pick some things that you love doing and do them often.

As mentioned before, its hard to find good weight loss information. With these simple weight loss methods and tips, you are heading in the right direction to losing weight and making healthy choices. Incorporate the advice learned here into your own lifestyle so you can have that body you always dreamed about!

Benefits Of Fish Oil For Fitness And Health

When the words oils and fats are mentioned, health-conscious individuals tend to run for cover. What they fail to realize is that there are good fats and bad fats. Complete avoidance of intake of oils and fats would actually be detrimental rather than beneficial to their health.

The Truth about Fish Oil
Essential fatty acids must always be part of our daily diet without them, we take one step closer to our deaths. Essential fatty acids are divided into two families: omega-6 EFAs and omega-3 EFAS.

Although there are only very slight differences to distinguish the two groups of essential fatty acids from each other, studies have revealed that too much intake of omega-6 EFAs can lead to inflammation, blood clotting, and tumor growth. The good news, however, is that the opposite is true for omega-3 EFAs. Omega-6 EFAs can be found in vegetable oils while omega-3 EFAs can be found in fish oils among other foods.

Omega-6 vs. Omega-3
Physicians and scientists are of the same opinion that the cause behind increasing cases of heart disease, hypertension or high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, premature aging and certain kinds of cancer is none other than an imbalanced intake of omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs.

As mentioned earlier on, omega-6 EFAs can be found in vegetable oils. This includes but is not limited to corn oil and soy oil, both of which contains high amounts of linoleic acid. Omega-3 EFAs, on the other hand, can be found also in marine plankton and walnut and flaxseed oils. It should be significant to take note that fatty fish and fish oils contain eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), fatty acids that have been observed to provide many benefits to the human body. In the early 1970s, a study on Greenland Eskimos has revealed that one of the major reasons why they rarely suffer from heart diseases is because of their high-fat diet (mainly composed of fish).

The two essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are also helpful in preventing atherosclerosis, heart attacks, depression and various forms of cancer. Fish oil supplemented food have also proven to be useful in treating illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Raynaud’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Other Benefits of Fish Oil
There are a lot more illnesses and situations in which intake of fish oil has proven to be significantly beneficial.

Making the Heart Healthier
The heart is inarguably one of the most important parts of our body and having an unhealthy heart means having to suffer a rather limited lifespan. Naturally, it’s in our best interests to keep our hearts happy and healthy and one way of doing that is eating food that contains fish oil.

In Athens, Greece, for instance, a study was made to show if there was a direct relationship between high fish diet and inflammation of blood vessels. The results revealed that those who ate more fish than the others had a lower level of C-reactive protein and interleukin-6, factors that are commonly used to measure the likelihood of blood vessel inflammation. These benefits remained even when the various risks associated with high fish diet were taken into account.

Fish to Become Thin
In Perth, Australia, a study had revealed that fish consumption can be used against hypertension and obesity. Researchers of the UWA (University of Western Australia) have discovered that a weight-loss diet which includes a regular amount of fish consumption can be quite effective in reducing blood pressure and improving glucose tolerance.

Fish Oil to Combat Asthma
People suffering from respiratory problems like asthma tend to be perceived as unfit and unhealthy. They should now be pleased to learn that certain studies have revealed the benefits of fish oil for asthma-burdened-individuals. Statistics show that approximately 20 to 25% of children today suffer one form of asthma or another at a certain point in their lives. And certain evidence reveals a regular diet of food with high linoleic acid content as the reason behind it.

Researchers of UW (University of Wyoming) conducted a study by subjecting a number of children to a high-fish diet while others continued with their regular diet. Results revealed that the participants who ate more fish were less prone to asthma attacks and were able to breathe more easily as well.

Consult Your Nutritionist Now
Nothing is good when consumed or used excessively but complete avoidance of a particular food type is equally harmful as well. Ask your nutritionist for the right amount of fish intake for your age and health status.

Everything For Good Habit -> Good Health -> Good Life

1.Plan your meals, don’t leave things to chance.

2.Fill up in the morning with fruits and healthy oats.

3.Get your fat on with healthy fats like salmon, mackerel, walnuts or olives.

4.Get more than one hour of exercise a day. If you train for an hour and sit for the rest of the day, this is not really being an active person. Yes, an hour is better than nothing, but try to make time for more. A short walk mid-day. Spend some time doing some kind of activity with your children or go bowling with friends.

5.Accept the fact that if you are just starting a new nutrition plan, you are going to experience some hunger.

6.You should not always be hungry, but chances are you will experience some night hunger. If you just can’t stand it, have some frozen fruit and non-fat yogurt.

7.Do not eat 3 hours before going to bed. You don’t need the fuel because your body will be slowing down for the night.

8.Find out what you are getting from foods when you eat when you aren’t hunger. Then find some other fun activity to fill that void.

9.Get some form of exercise every day. Even if it is your ‘off’ day from exercise stay active.

10.Have proper training shoes. If you are going to run trails, your indoor aerobic shoes won’t cut it.

11.Protect your head from the heat. As we head into summer and start enjoying the great outdoors, make sure you have your head covered on those really hot days.

12.Create your own fitness rotation. Decide what your goal for the next 30 days will be and design an exercise plan to help you achieve this.

13.Enjoy healthy, unaltered nuts every day, they make a wonderful afternoon snack.

14.Enjoy beans. They are an incredibly healthy and filling food. You can enjoy them in soups, salads, or as the main dish.

15.Clean out your pantry. That cake mix that has been there for 8 years, donate it to a good bank, a school or toss it.

16.Enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables.

17.Support your community by shopping at your local farmers market.

18.Start every single day with a healthy breakfast.

19.Eat at your scheduled time, don’t skip meals as this sets you up for binge eating later.

20.Don’t panic when your scale doesn’t move or when it actually goes up. Pull out the tape measure and see
where you have lost inches.

21.It really is alright to go to bed hungry.

22.Ladies purchase some sexy lingerie.

23.If you have a very large appetite, enjoy an apple a few minutes before your meal.

24.Enjoy natural nut butter. Don’t tell like you just have to stick with peanut butter, try almond butter, cashew butter or my favorite sunflower seed butter.

25.Find ways to manage stress; meditation, yoga, a short walk in the fresh air.

26.If you enjoy training outdoors, take your workouts with you. Get a fitness app or subscribe to Gaiam TV and you will always have a training buddy on hand.

27.If you are at a weight loss plateau shake up your workout. Try adding two days of interval training to the mix.

28.Hold the Mayo.

29.Get your five a day. Ward off aging and Alzheimer’s, stroke and heart disease by enjoying at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

30.If you find that you just can’t break away from your TV, treat yourself to a treadmill and walk while you watch.

31.Forget about diet, make lifestyle changes instead because starving doesn’t work but healthy habits do!

32.Give the veggie pasta a try. It is absolutely fabulous.

33.If you have been inactive for years, consult with your physician before beginning a training program.

34.If you have issues with eating when not hungry, try eating 6 small meals ever 3 hours instead of 3 big meals. Eating less more often will stabilize your blood sugar, keep cravings at bay and give you stable energy throughout your day.

35.Basic smoothie recipe (always have these items on hand) a banana, frozen berries, non-fat milk, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of psyllium seed husks.

36.If you love sandwiches, make sure you load them with crisp vegetables to add flavor, nutrients, and crunch to your meal.

37.Do formal structured training sessions 3-5 times a week for 30-60 minutes.

38.Do not train on days when you feel pain or discomfort from previous training sessions. If you are feeling a little under the weather, do a light workout like a nice stroll outside.

39.Skip the fast food. Scientists from the University of Toronto discovered that the chemicals used to treat junk food wrappers, fast food wrappers and microwave popcorn bags are being transferred to the food inside contaminating the food these wrappers and bags are supposed to protect.

40.If you love deep fried foods, give yourself a break and try something new. Try pan frying in healthy olive or grape seed oils. Better yet, try roasting, poaching, braising or boiling.

41.Keep a photo of yourself with you at all times. Not to shame you, but to remind you of why you have decided to make these lifestyle changes.

42. Increase the intensity and duration of your workouts slowly.

43.Yoga has so much more to offer than just stretching and toning, try a Kundalini class

44.Fresh herbs can add some real zing to otherwise boring meals. Try growing your own herbs in your kitchen.

45.Indulge in dark chocolate. It has healthy antioxidants and it is sinfully delicious.

46.Think of your training sessions as your own personal Happy Hour.

47.Enjoy your time at the ballpark but chose your food carefully. The great smells, the excitement of the game and being with family and friends in a party atmosphere can make it seem like those 1300 calorie nachos and that 2100 calorie oversized Philly steak sandwich don’t matter but believe me, they do.

48.Never hit the grocery store hungry and always work from a list.

49.Respect the fact that you are full and stop eating.

50.You don’t need a dessert every night

51.Take time out. Try not to obsess over your health and fitness goals. After a few weeks, exercise and healthy nutrition will just be two new habits you have added to your life.

52.Have boiled eggs on hand at all time. Eggs are healthy and filling and can power you through workouts. I eat one before my evening martial arts class.

The Most Common Diet and Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight loss is simple, in theory. To lose excess fat all you need to do is burn more calories than you take in, right? If that were all to it, then most people would be lean, mean fat burning machines.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. There are many other factors that come into play when you attempt to drop excess weight such as how active are you, are your hormones working properly, do you have any ailments that could make weight loss harder than usual, are you on any medications that may inhibit weight loss , plus a whole host of other things that can affect how your body metabolizes energy during your weight loss attempts. I know a lot of people who exercise for fat loss at home, pulling out their fitness DVDs every day, breaking that sweat, eating like a bird and still not happy with what they see in the mirror or on the scale. Along with exercising for fat loss, you must eat for fat loss as well. You can not out exercise an unhealthy diet.

The following are 5 of the most common diet and weight loss mistakes:
The 1st weight loss mistakes:  Skipping breakfast

Eating less instead of more. The most common weight loss mistakes, everybody believes the best way to burn more calories than they take in is to not eat. Choosing to have a low-calorie cup of coffee for breakfast, a dry boring salad for lunch and dinner is something like a plain baked potato and 2 ounces of a dry chicken breast.

You’ve heard it before and you are about to hear it again; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the meal that helps to jump start your metabolism after your nightly fast. The quality of your morning meal is vital as coffee and donuts might provide you with a bit of energy to start your day, but it won’t last and more importantly, studies have shown that starting the day with fatty sugar rich foods may have you craving more of the same for the rest of the day!

To keep your metabolism running at peak efficiency enjoy a breakfast of lean protein, healthy carbohydrates, fruits and or vegetables and a healthy source of calcium.


  • Veggie omelet with fresh baby spinach, onion, and tomatoes.
  • Oatmeal with fruit and nuts.
  • Whole grain waffles, with an egg white veggie scramble.

People often complain that breakfast makes them hungry because 2-4 hours after breakfast they begin to experience hunger pangs. This is your body working properly. You are supposed to get hunger every few hours! Have nutrient dense healthy snacks and a healthy lunch on hand and eat when you are hungry.

The 2nd weight loss mistakes: Lack Of Consistency

Many people will follow their nutrition plans for a few days, and they will be so proud of themselves that they decide to reward themselves with a cheat meal: this a diet disaster in the makings. Splurge meals are fine, but not during the early stages of your diet.

You must make your healthy nutrition plan a habit before you begin enjoying unhealthy treats otherwise it becomes too easy to fall back into your old poor nutritional habits.

Ideally, your healthy habits should be so ingrained in your mind that your splurge meal actually disappoints, once you decide to have it. Trust me, after months of healthy fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, lean meats and dairy products; sitting down to a fat-laden grease fest might not be as delicious as it once was.

The 3rd weight loss mistakes: Purchasing so called Diet foods

Focusing on foods labeled as diet, low-fat or lite will often lead to highly processed, nutrient lacking garbage masked to look like food.

When you go shopping purchase real food! You also need to learn to read labels because there are a lot of crafty manipulation going on when it comes to labeling.

While fresh fruits and vegetables are ideal, frozen is fine if you happen to find that your fresh produce is not getting consumed before it begins to spoil.

It is almost impossible to remove all processed foods from your diet. Unless you are the type that loves to be in the kitchen some of the foods you purchase will indeed be processed. Therefore, you must educate yourself on what you want to feed your family and what you don’t.

Do you really want to pay $4 for a loaf of whole wheat bread just to find that the bread is made with white flour and caramel coloring?

The 4th weight loss mistakes: Not believing that you can lose weight

Mindset is everything. Most of us will start a diet with a dogged determination that this time we are going to lose the weight once and for all. Then a few days into the diet, the cravings start to hit, we don’t feel like doing our workouts and suddenly the old self-doubts are knocking at our doors louder than ever.

This is actually quite natural, but you have to be prepared for this and push through the self-doubts and the what ifs. The best thing for me when I begin to get hit with old self-doubts is to jump up and take a short walk outside. Getting into the fresh air energizes me and clears my mind of all those silly jumbled doubts.

Find a healthy activity you enjoy to turn to when your motivation and confidence begin to waver. For some it might be calling a friend, speaking to your spouse, painting, a warm cup of tea or pushing through a workout you didn’t feel like doing.

These activities provide a distraction from your negative thoughts giving your brain a chance to reboot and remind you of how far you have come and why you have made the decision to lose weight.

The 5th weight loss mistakes: Eating The Same Salad W/Every Meal

The variety is endless so it always surprises me when I hear people complain about how boring they are once you remove the croutons, cheese, and fatty dressings. If your regular salad consists of iceberg lettuce, red tomato, and cucumber end; then yes your salad is b-o-r-i-n-g! 

Now if you don’t like vegetables let me ask you something; are you talking about cooked vegetables? I used to think I hated vegetables too until I started adding variety to my salads. I started making what I call kitchen sink salads filled with an array of vegetables, spices, and herbs. All I can say is WOW! What a difference it makes to eat my veggies raw and crunchy versus cooked and slimy. I used to run from cabbage; just the smell of it cooking would make me lose my appetite. However, raw shredded cabbage is the mainstay of my salads. Just to give you an idea, here is what goes in my salads:

  • Romain Lettuce
  • Butter Lettuce
  • Baby Spinach
  • Cabbage
  • Red Tomatoes
  • Orange Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Red Onion
  • Mushrooms
  • Raw broccoli
  • Green Onion
  • Bean Sprouts
  • Celery
  • Carrots

Nothing boring about this salad! I rarely use dressing because the red onion gives the salad more than enough flavor, but if you must have dressing try olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.

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