21 Day Diet Meal Plan

Let’s be honest now, in the grand scheme of things, 3 weeks to lose weight and radically change your eating habits is a tough task. In the first days after beginning the diet, your body is still adjusting to the new eating regime you’re putting it through, meaning the effects you see may be small. The benefit though is that you’re on the right track to continue living and eating healthy. With  3 weeks Diet Plan under your belt, you’ll also find it much easier, mentally, to cut out the unhealthy foods you’re craving, replacing them with much healthier alternatives.

There’s simply no point opting into one of those short term fad diets because of they’re just not sustainable, often turning out to be less healthy than the one you had before. Although you might see quicker results with these kinds of plans, you won’t be able to keep it up for a long time, and more often than not, the dieters end up putting on all the weight they’ve already lost, and sometimes even more.

21 Day Diet Plan

We’ve specially formulated this general diet plan for you, in the hope that it could serve as a 3-week catalyst for your ongoing healthier eating. The majority of people see diets as a temporary thing rather than a lifestyle change, and these are the people that will tend to fluctuate in weight more rapidly and to more extreme ends of the spectrum. If your goal is to lose weight and be less prone to diseases or disorders, then you’ll need to realize that the dieting journey you embark on will be a permanent one.

To start off, in all three weeks here, you will need to refrain from all kinds of processed foods and snacks, so no crisps, ready made food, frozen pizzas. Instead, replace these with healthier alternatives like fruits, nuts, and home cooked foods.

Diet Plan For Week 1

In the first week were going to throw you straight into the deep water. We’re going to cut out one of your meals, and replace it with a healthy smoothie. You can find low-calorie smoothie recipes all over the internet, but just to point you in the right direction, yogurt and a wide range of fruits are a good way to start.

For this week were not going to put any restrictions on what you can and can’t eat for the other two meals other than no processed foods. The idea for this week is to snap you out of the processed foods addiction while introducing more fruit, vegetables, and home-cooked meals into your diet. After day three or four you should see a huge difference in the way you feel. Without all those nasty chemicals in your system, you’ll find that you’ll be much more awake during the day, sleep better and generally have more energy.

Diet Plan For Week 2

For the second week, were going to carry on with the smoothie a day to replace one of your meals, but were going to make you eat smaller meals with healthy snacks in between. So for example, you can have a smaller portion of bran flakes in the morning, a handful of nuts an hour later, your healthy smoothie shake for lunch, some dried apricots and some nuts between lunch and dinner, then eat a balanced home cooked meal at night.

The idea here is that by snacking on healthy foods high in good fats and oils, you will stay fuller for longer, enabling you to eat smaller portions during meal times. Not only does this cut down the total calories you’re consuming on a day to day level, but it also increases your body’s metabolism, meaning your digestive system will help you burn some more calories through the whole day.

Diet Plan For Week 3

For this last week, were going to give you a little treat, and let you include one cheat meal every 3 days where you can eat anything you want. You can carry on replacing a meal with a smoothie if you feel like it, if not, then you just need to stick with a balanced meal, with plenty of fiber and fruits.

We understand how bad your cravings must be after 2 weeks, and let you have one cheat meal every three days won’t do much damage. Motivation is key to long term healthy eating, and letting you have unrestricted eating occasionally is fine if it keeps your morale up. What you should aim for though is to slowly try to extend the number of days without a cheat meal. You’ll find that this gets a whole lot easier the longer you stay away from the bad foods.

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